‘She Even Told Me She Took Marijuana And Cocaine, I felt That Was The Best Way To Revenge For The Runs Girls And’… –Udauk Frank Akpan, Killer Of Uyo Job Seeker, Iniuobong Umoren


Uduak Frank Akpan, alleged murderer of late 26-year-old Miss Iniubong Umoren, , has said he was prepared to die if that would be the only acceptable justice for the heinous crime.
Speaking with reporters on Friday when paraded at the Police Headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia, Uyo, Akpan admitted to killing Umoren when she came for the fake job interview and he demanded sex to which she agreed but insisted on using a condom.

Akpan, who was paraded alongside his father, Frank Akpan, said he took Umoren’s life purely as revenge for how girls had been duping him but denied killing any other girl apart from Iniubong Umoren.

He said: “What happened was that she came for the supposed job interview. I decided to used reverse psychology on her. I told her whether she can work on a farm that hard drugs are kept as a Secretary. She said that she was ready to work. When she came I told her this farm doesn’t exist that it was just a hoax.

I told her that before we could even start I would like to have sex with her and she agreed but she gave a condition that I should use a condom which I agreed. While I removed the condom she became furious and picked the nearby stabilizer to hit me on my head.

”She bit my left finger and tried to reach for the door screaming. While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the stabiliser also and hit her. And when I hit her she fell and after she died.”

Continuing, the suspect added his father was not around and never assisted him in any way to either kill or bury the remains of the deceased.

Asked about his motive for inviting the lady to his family house when there was no job, the suspect responded; “Initially, I used reverse psychology on her. I have had very bad experiences with runs girls and prostitutes. I asked whether she can work on a farm that hard drugs are kept and she accepted.

She even told me she took marijuana and cocaine. I felt that that was the best way to revenge for the runs girls and  prostitutes. I used to patronize prostitutes but now I don’t.”

“I am not happy about what has happened. But the commissioner of police has assured Akwa Ibomites and the entire world that justice will take its course. If the justice promised by the police on the matter will mean my life being taken, I am prepared to die”


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