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SHOCKING!! God Will Punish All Nigerian Pastors For Refusing To Expose The Impostor In Aso Rock — Kanu

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Nnamdi Kanu vs Buhari
Nnamdi Kanu vs Buhari

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB, during his Sunday Live Broadcast says If Buhari is still alive why did he keep quiet after gun was shot in Aso rock, which man will allow his wife to be harassed talk more of a president’s wife, adding that Nigerian Pastors are evil by seeing the truth and kept quiet.

Kanu said that White people depicted blacks as Lucifer because blacks are satanic, there is a decree of evil inside every black man, black means ill omen, something that lack light.

Nnamdi Kanu added that there is nothing Like Racism in America because black people are foolish, they have refused to Learn, they are too arrogant and stupid that is why the whites see them as devils, adding that maybe God made mistake in creating the blacks.

According Nnamdi Kanu:-

“Yoruba Media and pastors have has been covering the Truth, refuses to expose the impostor in Aso Rock because of their selfish Interest.”

“If Osinbajo were in charge, People wouldn’t have been dying because he is a man of Law and integrity, but unfortunately, they have kicked him out.”

“Anyone who is going to church in Nigeria is going to hell Fire, Nigerian Pastors are agents of the devil, they have refused to speak the truth, there are pastors in Aso rock but they have refused to speak the truth.”

“Even Pastor Adoboye, Olukoya of Moutain of Fire and TB Joshua that i respect so much cannot speak the Truth, Yoruba People are hiding the truth because of their selfish interest, they want to Rule Nigeria in 2023. they all know that Buhari is dead.”

He added that Osinbajo has been hiding in Lagos, says he knows where he is:-

“Buhari died instead of Osinbajo to takeover, they hired a young boy to be sleeping with Aisha Buhari. Fulani People are cursed, Any Fulani that becomes a President will die in Aso Rock.”

“All the big Yoruba Pastors, claimed they are worshiping God, but what concerns them is Tithe and Offering, none of them will go to Heaven, because they saw Abomination in Aso Rock and kept quiet.

“God will punish Nigerian Pastors, they are evil because they have refused to take responsibilities and speak out, Nigeria has the biggest pastors and churches in the world and almost all of them are Yorubas”

“Black People are Hypocrites, Evil, they can never see the truth and say it.”

He added that Many things he predicted has come to pass but no one in Nigeria could investigate the issues and fraud in Aso Rock because they are afraid.


He added:-

“Right Now, in Nigeria there is no President, there is no Government.”

“They proscribed IPOB but nobody has called for the Proscription of Miyetti Allah, Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram, that is How Black People Reason. He added

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