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SHOCKING!! Man of God, Fr. Mbaka Shame Nigerians As He Finally Agreed That He Took Three Contractors To Buhari

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SHOCKING!! Mbaka Shame Nigerians As He Finally Agreed That He Took Three Contractors To Buhari



Buhari has angered God, and he should resign – Mbaka


Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, has admitted that he met President Muhammadu Buhari with three contractors.

He said, however, that he stood to benefit personally from the deal, which he described as a “contract of securing the country.”

Last week, Mbaka called on Buhari to resign, threatening to impeach him if he did not do so because of the country’s deteriorating security situation.

The Presidency retaliated, claiming that Mbaka began targeting Buhari after his request for contracts was denied.

“Father Mbaka called for a meeting and, to the surprise of presidential aides, he came accompanied by three contractors,” the presidency said in a statement signed by Garba Shehu.

“The President graciously welcomed them in, and to everyone’s surprise, Father Mbaka requested contracts in exchange for his assistance.”

The cleric, however, said it would be “stupid” to threaten a “messenger of God,” claiming that the three people he nominated for the presidency were white men he didn’t know.

Mbaka said in his sermon on Sunday that the meeting took place during Buhari’s first term, not recently as has been suggested.

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Mbaka told a crowd of thousands in Emene, Enugu state, that the white men had asked for his help in reaching the President.

“When they spoke about offering Father Mbaka contracts, I was kidding, I don’t want to talk about that,” he said. It’s a ridiculous, childish allegation. Anyone who says that is a disgrace to himself and the people he represents.

“I am not here to defend anyone’s ridiculous accusation, but God used that man to tell the world that Buhari’s government is not giving me money,” he said.

“May God bless you, Shehu, for telling everyone that you are not going to give me a deal. And these are the three men we brought in to deal with the country’s security; they had the gadgets. The services were available to white people. That was back when the first administration was in power.

“They said that they will assist them in overcoming uncertainty. Under Abba Kyari, they had the platform to end insecurity in this country in less than a month. I simply handed them over to government officials. They refused to give them these things.

“I have no idea who these people are. They just arrived in Enugu and asked if I could assist them in reaching the government, claiming that due to the high level of insecurity in the country and the way Nigeria has been shipping its oil out, refining it, and bringing it back, the country is losing money.

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“We have all they need to resurrect the country’s oil industry and hire the entire youth population, and the problem of insecurity would be resolved. These are the three people who turned down their bid because they know how to communicate.”

He chastised the White House for lacking a “reward mechanism.”

“Are all the people they’ve given contracts to better than me?” Do they know how many people I feed? Am I pleading with them? Fortunately, they informed me that the contract — which contract? — had been denied to me.

“And even with the people they’re talking about who went there, I didn’t even talk about 1% of ‘if you get this contract’; contract of securing the country? What will I be able to learn from it?

“They’ve shown that they don’t have a reward mechanism,” says the author. If Shehu is a person… I have no idea who the Shehu is. He should be apologizing for the fact that they have not yet come down to thank Allah for allowing them to survive whatever they are going through.

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“The last person this administration can battle is Father Mbaka, who is speaking here, and if they speak against me, God’s wrath will befall them, and how they will end will surprise everyone.”

He challenged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to file a threat report against him in Rome.

“If Rome learns that Father Mbaka is standing up to evil governance, Rome will applaud for me,” he said.

“The reason I don’t want them to report it to Rome is because if the Pope learns of my involvement, he may assign me to a position I don’t want. Do you want to report Messi to FIFA for playing too much ball? They’ll appoint him as a soccer ambassador.”

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