SHOCKING!! Meet Popular Pastor Who “Farts” On The Faces of Church Members During Deliverance [WATCH VIDEO]


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SHOCKING!! Meet Popular Pastor Who “Farts” On The Faces of Church Members During Deliverance [WATCH VIDEO]


Pastor Christ Penelope, a South African preacher, has sparked controversy on social media after photos and videos captured the strange way he practices deliverance in his church.
In the name of deliverance, Pastor Christ Penelope farts on the faces of church members.

Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries’ chief and founder farts on his members with the hope of getting rich miraculously, and some members wait months for the’sacred fart.’

The pictures of the Pastor’s strange deliverance elicited mixed responses, with the majority of people accusing him of farting on his church members during deliverance sessions.

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Pastor Christ Penelope has responded to critics by claiming that his farting and stepping on congregants are inspired by Jesus.

The man of God said in an interview with Drum:

“It all began when Master Jesus walked on Peter. It is a manifestation of God’s might. It’s the same thing that God did when he laid Adam to sleep. God did whatever he wanted with Adam’s body while he was sleeping on the moon. He didn’t seem to be feeling anything.

You can do something about a person’s body when they are sleeping, like driving a car over them or standing on them. It’s the Almighty. The Bible makes no mention of Adam saying, “God, you’re hurting me.”

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“When they wake up from the deep sleep, they will tell you that they didn’t feel anything. It is demonstrating the strength of God and those who needed healing are healed afterwards and others get to manifest at that moment.

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“It doesn’t even bring hurt to me when people talk lies about you. Remember when people want to tarnish your name, that is when He reveals his glory.



“As long as souls are won into the kingdom. He who sits on the throne smiles at his enemies.”

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See the pictures below:


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