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SHOCKING!! See Evidences That Shows That President Buhari Values The Lives Of Cows Than Lives Of Nigerians (A Must See)

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Who are the first class citizens of NIGERIA? Animals or Humans?

Due to the negligence of the present government on pressing and critical issues, many Nigerians both home and abroad have come to a conclusion that President Muhammadu Buhari values cows than humans(Nigeria citizens).

Though he might have a good plans for us. Maybe before 2023, we go know.🚶

Before I proceed with the main reason why I and other concerned citizens of the Republic of NIGERIA believed that President Buhari value animal lives than human lives, I would like to let you guys know about one mannerless and uncultured Gombe lawmaker who in during a plenary session on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, when the lower legislative chamber was discussing the killings allegedly orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue and Taraba, said God created herdsmen to value cows over human lives.

The blood tasty Lawmaker said,

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“I don’t know why Nigerians have become so edgy now. Maybe because of the food we eat; we eat so much of maggi. We have become so impatient that we don’t want to listen to each other. We don’t want to proffer solutions that will be workable to our country.

“Mr. Speaker, I sit here and my colleague is saying the herdsman values his cows more than the lives he is killing, but it’s not true. You can’t sit down here and just make conclusions.

“Yes, the herdsman values even the life of the cow more than his own life. That is how God has created him.”

Now you can imagine the kinds of dummies we have as lawmakers in this country.

Anyways, back to Buhari MATTER…

Do you all still remember the clashes between farmers and herdsmen on Monday, 5 2018 in Taraba? A bloody clash that got over 20 killed and 300 cows stolen.

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Did you know that President Buhari visited the incident scene same day?

The incident took place on Monday, March 5, 2018, same day President Muhammadu Buhari visited Taraba state over 300 stolen cows.

That’s unusual! I mean Buhari doesn’t react fast to clashes, fighting or killing of Nigeria citizens like that. He waits for days before expressing shocks. So how come he reacted fast upon hearing that 300 cows was stolen and 20 killed?

Has our wonderful President Buhari visited any South South, South West or South East states over clashes of any kind before?

IPOB members who are currently Nigerians gets killed always like fowls. How many times have Buhari visited? NONE!

How about the regular clashes and killing of farmers by the Fulani Herdsmen in South East and some parts of South South?

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How about the constant fire outbreak, pipeline explosions in Lagos and other Yoruba land…how many times have Buhari visited?

You get the point now or you need more instances, evidences and reasons to believe that our dear beloved President values the lives of animals than that of Nigerians?

Well, I drop pen here! Bye 🚶

Be The Judge.
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Jake Clifford

Jake Clifford is a Nigerian Born blogger and a fast growing Journalist, whose aim is to inform Nigerians with happening across Nigeria. Send story tips to him via [email protected] or


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