‘Sickle Cell’ Drug Has Finally Been Discovered In United Kingdom, To Be Available In Nigeria


‘Sickle Cell’ Drug Has Finally Been Discovered In , Now Available In Nigeria



Arise TV To Make The Drug Available In Nigeria

For those suffering with a  challenge known as Sickle Cell Anemia, there’s is breakthrough Drug now in the called, ‘ Crizanlizumab’.

Speaking on the major challenge breakthrough, monitored on Arise tv on Wednesday in Lagos, ,  Director , Inequalities At NHS England, says it’s heartwarming that Crizanlizumab Drug has finally been discovered.

Dr. Owolabi commended her colleagues in the pharmaceutical section who worked round the clock to ensure that the drug is certified.

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She says in the next few years, over 5000 will be treated whereby protein will be injected to flush the white blood cell which normally block the flow of blood and oxygen from flowing as it should.

While the discussion was on, Arise Tv, as part of its corporate social responsibility has offered to fund the drug in Nigeria, Prof Olu Akinyanju, OON, President of Sickle Cell Foundation who also featured on the program said it’s heartwarming that such drug is now available In Nigeria.

He, however, lauded Arise tv for taking up such noble innovation to fund the Crizanlizumab Drug In Nigeria.

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