Since Assumption Of Office, Ayade Has Not Told One Truth Till Date — Esu Prosper 


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Since Assumption Of Office, Ayade Has Not Told One Truth Till Date — Esu Prosper





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When i hear Lord Ayade and his megaphone APC chairman talk about Cross Riverians not financially strong enough to subject them to open party primaries as reasons they always prefer consensus building, I just laugh my head off. I laugh because since assumption of office, Ayade has not told one truth till date. I laugh because Cross Riverians already know them as brazen liars who lie for a living. Since when do they develop such love and care for Cross Riverians?


The fact remains that both Ayade and his puppet are scared of their own shadow. They know they have committed so many unforgivable crimes against a vast majority of Cross Riverians. They know they have since loss the collective goodwill of Cross Riverians as they would stoutly reject anything anybody coming from them.


The other day i was scanning through pictures of former House of Assembly members who were been consulted by a governorship aspirant as statutory delegates and i was stunned by the sad faces i saw. How well have these set of people fared in his government? Can Ayade on a good day convince them to cast their vote for his so called consensus candidate? Has he even found the need to see and interface with them since he assume office almost 7 years after? How many of them have benefit from contracts or an all expense paid medicals by his government as it was obtainable?

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What about Local Government Councillors? Does Ayade and Okadigbo also pretend not to know that majority of them will never,yes never support anything or anybody that has the traces of Ayade? How many times has he paid them their legislative votes? Two years after they were elected councillors, most of them are still repaying loans from Ekondo bank with their salaries yet Okadigbo is building a villa in Waterboard. Are they aware that some councillors recieve about 10 to 12k every month as salaries after loan deductions? Where and how do they expect these councillors to atleast mould blocks for themselves and reachout to their constituents?

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Today, some Chairmen of Council are more superior,important and relevant than the others. While some have been given automatic tickets to the Cross River State House of Assembly and others 2nd term ticket for Chairmanship, some others are struggling to get what others got without stress. What about the monthly returns running into millions these Chairmen drive in cash to the younger brother leaving them with pittance? I doubt if Ayade and co were expecting some of these men and women not to raise a finger if an opportunity present itself.


What about the erstwhile governorship aspirants including the ones he personally gave monies to do consultations? How well has he arranged their settlement package? Not forgetting those he encouraged to join the race,telling them both existing and unexisting lies? Has he found a way to accomodate them yet?It is also public knowledge that they are some others he was milking from financially as par his intellectual money and Other People’s Money (OPM). What is the machinery he has put in place for them to recoup? I understand one has been given Senate. What happens to others and their teeming supporters?

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I understand the Biase/Akamkpa people are planning a quiet revolt for taking both Governorship and Senate to the Efik speaking South. What lies would they tell them inorder to convince them to support their consensus candidate?


Ayade and Okadigbo know they have loss the confidence of both statutory and Adhoc delegates and can never go for an open contest else they fail. Unfortunately for them,the new electoral act has made things alot easier for aspirants and even more difficult for Ayade and his consensus promoters. Gone are those days where one man sits in the comfort of his parlour to decide the fate of others. If Governor Ayade believes he has done well and if he truly believes he has gotten himself a winning card in Prince Otu, then let party delegates decide.


Written By Esu Prosper, Lagos, Nigeria.


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