Burial Turns Into Nyash Shaking Competition As Ladies Shake Their Massive Backside (Watch)


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Weetalknaija Daily Post Report that, South Africans have had their fair share of bizarre funerals, including the one were a rich kid was buried with his money while his friends poured out bottles of beer on his coffin.

But, just when we thought we had seen it all, another funeral goes viral.

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This time, a video was shared online which showed well-endowed women shake their massive behinds in a dancing competition.

The burial turned into a b00ty shaking competition after b00tylicious women, who were dressed like they were going for a night party, engaged in a dancing competition.

Rocking tight dresses that flaunted their massive behinds, the women left little to imagine as they shook their massive derrieres.

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Perhaps they were celebrating a life well lived by the deceased, who is said to be an influential member of the society and instead of mourning, they turned the burial into a carnival.


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