South-East Crisis: President Buhari Draws Battle-line, Set For War


President Muhammadu Buhari declared war on individuals who are “bent on destroying the country by fostering insurgency and burning down important national assets,” according to Buhari. Buhari, who is believed to be reacting to assault on security and voting institutions in the country’s recently volatile South-East, warned, “A nasty awakening awaits them, Sound very soon.

The President stated after receiving a briefing from Prof Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), on a series of attacks on INEC sites around the country.


President Buhari remarked, “I receive daily security reports on the attacks, and it is apparent that those behind them want this administration to fail.” “Nigeria’s insecurity is now being discussed all over the world. You have to question what all the people who desire power, whatever they are, actually want. Whoever wants to bring down the system will be in for a rude awakening shortly. We’ve given them plenty of time,” he said in a statement issued by Femi Adesina, his Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity.

President Buhari noted that before the 2019 election, he visited all 36 states of the country, and that “the majority of the people believed me, and the election verified that.” He stated that he will continue to govern the country in accordance with the Constitution.

Those misbehaving in certain sections of the country, he continued, were plainly too young to understand the hardships and deaths that accompanied the Nigerian Civil War. “Those of us who spent 30 months in the fields and lived through the conflict will speak to them in their own language. We’re going to be tough sooner rather than later.”

The Service Chiefs and the Inspector General of Police have been replaced, according to the President, and “we will demand security from them.”

In response to concerns that the burning of INEC facilities could jeopardize future elections, President Buhari said he would provide the electoral body with all it needed to function, “so that no one would say we don’t want to go, or that we want a third term.” There will be no room for error. We’ll comply with all INEC requirements.”

Prof Yakubu stated in his briefing that since the last General Election, there have been 42 incidences of assault on INEC offices across the country.

“For a variety of causes, the 42 events so far have occurred in 14 states of the Federation….

The majority of the attacks have occurred in the last seven months and are unrelated to past election protests. The pattern and frequency of the most recent attacks suggest that they are aimed at upcoming elections. The goal is to destabilize the Commission, damage the country’s democracy, and spark a national crisis, according to Prof Yakubu.



South-East Crisis: President Buhari Draws Battle-line, Set For War

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