Southern Governors Are Confused, They Don’t Have The Right To Banned Open Grazing — Miyetti Allah Blows Hot




The Miyetti Allah group has reacted to Governors’ bans on open grazing in southern states by claiming that herders are not the country’s problem.

Alhassan Saleh, the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, said the governors are confused and mischievous in a statement released on Wednesday.

The group went on to call the strategy ‘ empty, ‘ claiming that herders were not the ones robbing the nation’ s treasury or destroying police stations in the South Eastern States.

It also criticized the governors for failing to warn the leader of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu for inciting more herders to be killed in the area.

His statement reads, ” Are herders the country’ s problem? The governors are confused and mischievous. herdsmen are not Biafra supporters murdering people and destroying police stations?

” Are they confused, or are they not? If they can’ t address the terrorist activities of Nnamdi Kanu (leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra) and his Igbo terrorist group, IPOB, then I surely believe they are confused, because if they not, Is there anything like secret grazing going on? Allow the governors to continue inciting their mobs to slaughter herdsmen. Is it possible for them to follow an empty policy? Where are the ranches?

“Are herders the country’ s problem? ” Is it true that they are the ones robbing the treasury? The herders should be left alone. They should no longer be murdering innocent herders. ”


What are your thoughts and reactions to this as a Nigerians? feel free to share your opinion below. Thank you.

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  1. I must first reason as a human being, as a Nigerian, as well as an individual, as a human being it’s quite unlawful for any one to take other person’s life, this is not acceptable as a Nigerian it’s part of my obligations to respect my fellow citizens irrespective of tribe, culture and religion, as such I own my country and fellow citizens the duty of speaking up when things are going wrong in our country, what is the issue all about, the herdsmen, or Fulani killers herdsmen, ESN, Boko Haram, what are we agitating for, land? territory or power. I have taken time to ponder on the happenings today in Nigeria and I see nothing that is too big for us as a country to resolve, but the problem is, we are not yet ready and willing to say things the way they are and do things the way it should be done. The Fulani herdsmen are human beings like everyone of us in Nigeria even though they may not be the main indiginenious inhabitants of the entity called Nigeria, they also have the right to operate and legitimately carry out their individual business in any part of the country without any fear or intimidation. They (Fulani herdsmen) on the other hand should not operate their business in determent of their host communities this is called fair Justice and eauiry, now cattle business as we know it here in Nigeria is individual business and not state or federal government own business, therefore it behooves on the business owners to seek for better ways of doing their business peacefully. It’s not right to invade peoples lands and claim ownership without the consent of the indiginenious people of the community where they operate. They should be able to acquire lands and setup their ranches where their cattle can be well taken care of instead of moving all over the place in search of greenee pastire. Evey right thinking leader will not sit back and watch his people being slaughtered in their own land, therefore, for the fact that the southern governor’s have finally taking a stand in this prolonged challenges in Nigeria it’s their perogative now to really map out ideas that will enable the Fulani herdsmen operate within the ambit of the law of their host states or communities for a peaceful coexistence among us. As forthe Fulani herdsmen, they should be made to understand that it’s not right and unacceptable for them to claim other people lands just because they want to take care of their cattle business, they should start acquiring lands just as the Igbos have done in virtually all parts of Nigeria, for instance in Sabongeri in Kano state the Igbos independently acquired lands and built their business centre without government support, at least they the Fulanis should learn from Igbos in this regard.. Now my view in the decision of the southern governor’s, the (banning of open grazing) is right step because it will help check the inflox of killers herdsmen in their respective states and this means that any body arrested in the forest with cattle will be seen as a killer herdsmen or kidnapper and be delt with as a terrorist. There’s nothing here for us to be making a mountain out a mole hill, we can handle the challenge if we want, except there are other uterrior motives in some of our decisions and resolutions. God bless Nigeria


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