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State of The Nation, Poverty of Leadership (series 6)

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State of The Nation, Poverty of Leadership (series 6)

By Elempe Dele

Now, it is no longer news that we are one of the poorest nations in the world in spite of abundance of natural and human resources we have. If those we have surrendered our politics to manage have failed us, it is logical to say and conclude that we can blame part of our misery on Poverty of Leadership.

There are other nations like Rwanda, which are less endowed with resources but have made great strides even after the genocide in 1994 because they are better led politically.

This present poverty index and rating is basically not our collective destiny as a people, rather, it is the choice made by our leaders knowingly and unknowingly. Where the president goes to commission overhead tanks and shoe shining kits, and empty building without medical equipment in Edo State, and Governor Yahaya Bello; that infentile tragedy of a human species, goes to commission a collection of #60,000 worth of fabricated Gari pressing machines, and Osinbajo goes to buy votes in the name of TraderMoni…you will agree with me that there is a poverty of leadership in the land. Also look at the concept of the Nigerian Air and see the underlying varnished contraception. All these are shambolic policies which leaders with poor management skills can only offer.

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The Nigerian economy requires a big dose of discipline and expertise, not this which it is mostly based on try-and-error. Reduction in this ongoing corruption by this outgoing government must stop first. We need members of the executive who have the know- how, who are motivated, who are committed, who are rational…not those who are swept by the winds of propaganda that all is well with the country. Not those good-for-nothing ministers such as Lai Mohammed and Farooq…these are mostly bygone products from a recircled failure.

The economy requires good handlers, not the likes of the Fashola or Amaechi…these know-nothing ministers that swim in the mire with Buhari dont have anything to offer as economic policies. Does this country look as if there are ministers? One who is elevated by tribal barons cannot be effective. The economy handlers must be professionals and correctness must be brought to our economic practice.

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We cannot also prosper if we remain a consumer nation instead of producer nation. We cannot continue to maintain this high debt profile by continues borrowing to finance an underperforming budget while there is decline in oil revenue without any other major alternative avenue for generating funds. We must stop this profligacy in spending. There have been continues capital flight without any major Direct Foreign Investments. All these are as a referenced result of the government policies. No investor will come to invest in a country where the ‘youths are lazy,’ over 30% of the population are lunatics, there is spree killings by security operatives, there is no regards for the rule of law, there is election malpractices by the government, there are herdsmen killings of investor farmers, there is near unstoppable terrorism, abuse of office now by the president’s army of gangs against the opposition, there are no data for analysis…

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Let’s not expect magic from Buhari and his team, they even don’t believe in themselves, how then can we believe in them?


State of The Nation, Poverty of Leadership (series 6)

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