Nigerian Senate Bars Stephen Odey From Presenting Motions And Bills On The Floor Of The Senate

I Made A Mistake of Supporting Ayade For Governor In 2015 — Jarigbe Agom


Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, Cross River North Senator-Elect has revealed in his latest post how Stephen Odey has been denied the privilege of presenting motions and bills on the floor of the Senate, because he is an illegal Occupant.


Read Full Statement Below:

Tony Undiandeye did an epistle with this caption;


My Humble Response:

I want Tony Undiandeye to stop fooling himself, in the name of fooling the gullible public. The people of the North would not have voted for a protégée of his so- called anointed son of Obudu, after the abysmal performance of this unfortunate administration . After the verdict of the Tribunal and the Appeal thereafter, you will come to terms with the realities. The Senate Seat of the North is between Joe Agi and I, ultimately.

Tony has so much respect for Ayade today, because he is Governor. He has been given an opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the Forestry Commission, which affords him the opportunity of depleting our Forest Reserves across the State. We all know what each truck of timber pays and how much goes to Tony Undiandeye. That’s why a man, in his early 60s can dance naked in the market place.

Tony Undiandeye prides himself, as a traditionalist and a spiritualist but I remain a devout Christian, with no encumbrances, beyond human frailties. The guess of the Public is as good as mine, on who is “darkness” between Tony and I. If Tony is a man, I dare him to pronounce a curse on me and see if it will not reverse to him, in a hundred folds.

Tony has forgotten that, in 2015, when I made the mistake of supporting Ayade for Governor, he came to me and asked me to support a different Candidate. He told me that Gov Imoke was not going to handover to the Son of a Night- Soil- Man. Today that same Son, is Tony’s benefactor, hero and anointed by Obudu People.

Tony wants to reduce our Politics to ethnic inclinations, because he has been given an opportunity to extort money , criminally from timber.

When our people were shot at and maimed in Ogoja during the Primary Election, Tony, the Traditionalist and Spiritualist, did not see the attempt at stealing my Mandate.

Tony has no moral justification to talk about criminality, with the litany of Criminal acts perpetrated by Tony and his cohorts. We have all the accounts being used for money laundering and we will get to the roots at the appropriate time.

Should Nigerians have more respect for people, who have been affirmed by the Appeal Court as Criminals than me? Do you refer to a Judgment of Court as a Crime? The man you refer to as Senator has been denied the privilege of presenting motions and bills on the floor of the Senate, because he is an illegal Occupant. Who is fooling who? They will continue extorting from you guys, until you are finally shown the way out.

When I was the DG of the Legacy Group, a former Governor described Tony Undiandeye as a mercenary. I could not comprehend, until now. I now see why the former Governor described him, as a mercenary.

Tony says, I have reached the end of my politics in Nigeria but that’s delusional and mere wishful thinking. If I were to resign from politics today, I will still be rated to have performed better than his anointed Obudu Son and himself. I don’t deprive my people of the dividends of Democracy. I deliver and that’s why in each of the Wards, you guys go to in my Federal Constituency, you will see at least 3 Projects , facilitated by me. I am not a SCAM! The facts speak. By next year, you will still dump Ayade, but nobody should take you seriously because you have outlived your usefulness, even traditionally and spiritually, that you pride yourself in. Tony, I come from a place. Find out. I don’t go to shrines and I don’t believe in those your gods, that frustrate you in no time.

Rt Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe ( MHR)


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