Stop parading yourself as DG of ‘DGs’ — Group tells Mike Abuo


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His Excellency Sir Ben Ayade the distinguish Governor of Cross River State saw the pertinent value of support groups as very promising and prospective, as Man of great vision and valour also saw Mr Lebo Lebo very capable enough to lead and organize support groups in Cross River State, through his appraisal he nominated him as the DG of all DG’s in Cross River State, and Mr Lebo Lebo distinctively delivered on his task by organizing more than five hundred support groups (500) that garnered and mobilized support for the success of our Excellency, Sen. Prof. Sir Ben. Ayede’s re-election.

It is downtrodden and uncontroversially incongruous that Mike Abuo is flaunting himself as the DG of DGs using miscreants to constitutes nuisance there by devaluing our efforts as DGs of support groups in the State disregarding the legal involvement of Mr Lebo Lebo as the legitimate DG of all DGs.

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Mike Abua should be reminded that his subscribed portray of being the DG of DGs is unacceptable by all the support groups in Cross River State, and we implore him to quit pride and subject himself to the paradigm, Mr Lebo Lebo is the one we know as the head and the DG of all the support groups DGs in Cross River State, consequently any DG or support group affiliating with Mike Abuo they are doing that in their perils.

The peace loving DGs of support groups in Cross River State are advised not to be daunted by Mike Abua’s impersonation.

Need I mention that the emergence of PDP as a winning party in Cross River State would have been farcical without the inclusion of support groups in the process.

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Please, let’s not loose sight of the fact that the support groups deserve fair share of what ever comes in into the party as reward, because
-It was support groups who suffered the bullets on the field.

-it was the support groups who risk crossing the seas to ensure winning in the riverine wards
-It was the support groups who resist thugs from the opposition party APC in the field, which most often leads to the loss of lives, all this well achieved results was under the directives and leadership of Mr Lebo Lebo which we were privilege to be part as DGs of support groups.

His Excellency Sir, without any distraction from Mike Abuo’s aforementioned, on behalf of the support groups and the DG of all DGs Mr Lebo Lebo, we the DGs of support groups plead that your promise to DGs and support groups be made fruitful, we all believe in you Sir, and we will all stand our grounds to sink or swim with your vision for industrialization.

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Congratulations once again our peace loving Governor we the DGs of Cross River State, through the auspices of our leader Mr Lebo Lebo we celebrate with you for a well deserved verdict in the tribunal….More wins Boss…

Written By
Eric Azogor
DG Cross River Visionary Youth
On behalf of all the DGs in Cross River State

Supported by
Charles Oba
DG Central Solidarity forum


Amb. Jerry Odey
DG Nigeria youth Choice for Ayade


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