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Suddenly, Lady Knew Her ‘Sister’ Is Her Biological Mum (Details)

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Suddenly, Lady Knew Her 'Sister' Is Her Biological Mum (Details)

Suddenly, Lady Knew Her ‘Sister’ Is Her Biological Mum (Details)


One morning, she woke up and discovered her sister was really her mum.


The very jaw-dropping story of how she learned that her ‘sister’ was actually her biological mother was revealed by a young woman who was known as Londyn Danelle.

Londyn Danelle posted multiple TikTok videos reporting that when she was just 11 years old, she heard about the surprising facts.

She explains in the clips: “I was in an argument with my mom when I was 11, the one that raised me.”

I said, ‘You are not my mother, you are an evil stepmother, I have been adopted.’ I didn’t have any idea, I was just a brat and we got into this fight and she said, ‘Who told you? ’

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“I’m freaking out at this point, and I said, “No one, I found it out.

Londyn remembered that at that time she had a friend at her place, and her then-mother asked her to send the friend back home because they had to chat.

“I found out that my sister was my mother, my other sister was my aunt, my mum was my grandmother, and my grandmother was my great-grandmother,” she continues.

When Londyn points out that she was legally approved by her grandmother, what made her story even more complicated is.

She’s my mother by law, and my biological mother is my sister by law,’ she wrote in the comments. “Confusing, I know! ”

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In the first place, the clip left viewers wondering why it all happened, but Londyn said she didn’t have an idea until today.

One of them asked, “Was your sister just super young?” Like maybe she couldn’t raise you, or she didn’t have the money, and she trusted her mother.

In the comments, others shared their common experiences with one who said, “No one told me.” When I was around 27, I went snooping around and found out my sister was my bio mum.

“To say this is very brave of you,” wrote a third. “And with your struggle with mental health, I wish you luck.”

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Source: UK’s Daily Star


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