Suki Standard Sail Cruising To Success On Gear Four By Dr. Bassey


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1.The viral breaking news in this season is how a young man in Calabar, Southern Nigeria, has become a game changer in the ensuing political planet. It all started like a seed of imagination, a whispering of reality and a peep into actuality when the news broke out that a son of a great Efik entrepreneur and in-law of the former Governor Donald Duke will throw his hat into the guber ring and go ahead to push and push against some established political big names in the state.

2. Alas, like the hero from a scene buster, Suki emerged, after a sync of thoughts with himself, heaven and earth, folded his sleeves and mounted one of the highest soap boxes of all times with a message of repositioning Cross River State into a global blue spot.

3. He designed a smart carrier, not a caterpillar, not limousine but a regular engagement machine and took in some of his disciples. And voooom into the political space, the cruise started with Suki at the driver’s seat. Since turning on the ignition, the trip has been full of success upon success, acceptability upon acceptability, inroad upon inroad.

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4. Gear 1, Suki hit the ground running. He pulled the APC Youth leaders from the national and from all nooks and crannies of the state into the main bowel of U. J Esuene stadium where he leveraged on the lobby mandate to sensitize the youths in their thousands on the need to stand up and take a chance under the youth o’clock mantra. The message caught fire and sank into the minds of the youths as a stone in water. Like the gospel of eye opening salvation, thousands of young people signed a bond to join hands in ensuring youth leadership ascendancy with a clear vision to make Cross River State a great destination with a colourful now and future. The digital Governor Ben Ayade was at hand, live to celebrate the season of the APC youths.

5. Gear 2, Suki and his team drove through the entire state on a political evangelism to win thousands of voting souls into the soul of APC. The outcomes were amazing. The results were awesome. The messages were powerful.APC as a party became exceedingly animated. It was mind-blowing to find a young man sacrificing so much resources to give the party such a mighty tonic and boost. The state Party Chairman , Barr Alphonsus Eba, infact danced a great dance of joy and his heart was full of commendation to Suki for doing alone what a thousand party people needed to do. The entire party are counting their blessings and thanking God Almighty for the harvest.

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6. Gear 3, Suki took his consultative conversations to the key leaders and stakeholders of the party across the state and from the broad smiles from his hosts and from Suki himself, one would tell the story of JOY begetting SUCCESS. Suki discharged himself creditably in a show akin to the wisdom of Solomon and strategic strength of David. At the State House of Assembly, he held members spell bound with a blow by blow elucidation of his agenda for a great and new brand Cross River State.

7. And now, Gear 4, the Suki Standard sail landed at the shore of the state Party office for the real in house deal of showing himself, his capacity, his preparedness, his never-say-die passion to fly the flag of the largest Party in subsaharan Africa. It was at this level that it became clear to even the blind that Suki came into the game with a bunch of unbeatability rooted in wisdom , confidence, experience, capacity and empathy for the project.

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Today the most avowed Thomases have realized that the Suki Standard Four Gear Push to the guber contest is truly like a high rising tide lifting all the ship carriers to the destination: Suki in Diamond house 2023, to the glory of God and advancement of Cross Riverian humanity! Therefore let all people of goodwill come on board through prayers and supports towards this noble course.

Dr Bassey writes from University of Calabar


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