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Supreme Court Judgment: It Took Us One Year To Get Here, We Will Finish The Battle,”Consequential Orders” Or Not — Ikem Reacts To Judgement on Cross River North

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Supreme Court Judgment: It Took Us One Year To Get Here, We Will Finish The Battle, “Consequential Orders” Or Not — Ikem Reacts



Supreme Court judgment and Consequential Orderst: Much ado about Nothing.

I have read some “illiterate” interpretations of the Supreme Court judgment of yesterday that make me feel ashamed to say some people claiming to be lawyers are my”colleagues”!

When did court judgments depend on “consequential orders” for their validity?

In any case when a Court “dismisses” an appeal and upholds the judgment of the lower court, it is elementary law that it means all the orders of the lower Court(s) subsist. The lower court had ordered INEC to issue a certificate of Return to Hon. Jarigbe as the duly elected Senator from the Northern Senatorial District. INEC have since obeyed that order. And went further to withdraw the certificate earlier issued to Steve Odey.
Those are the”consequential Orders” that , The Supreme Court by it’s judgment yesterday upheld.

Well, what can I say when some people have made a fortune from the court cases arising from the needless refusal of the boss to accept the will of the people. The painful consequences to those who have preferred to play God is that the stolen money has generously been scammed by the foot soldiers.
Never mind, they still have about 29 months of allocation to collect! Never mind too, we the people have written them off as the years of the locust.

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The property owners at Abuja are the ones smiling to the Banks . It is only our wisest Gov who has been unable to see through the scam! But God has refused to sleep nor slumber on this case!

From illegal party advisers who have suddenly bought multiple cars to the middle men who are experts at procuring favourable judgments whose proceeds have procured property at ABUJA for them, the real losers have been the Cross River State People ! These scammers really should thank Team Authentic for giving them an Industry to reap from! Another one may not come again during the life of this Administration.

In the past one year, billions of naira have been moved from legitimate challenges to oil the appetite of greedy aides who wallow in occult and juju manipulations of the their boss as long as a prospect of defeating his “enemies” is dangled before him. He should really look nearer home for his “frenemies”!

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Meanwhile the path to peaceful reconciliation has been near and cheap. What a tragedy of leadership choices!

When we allow our egos to ruin us who do we blame?

It’s sad. It’s been an unfortunate, unproductive one year since early last year. And in the end this is the result?

We can even keep pushing and there are more men to egg us on because it has become a full fledged industry of deceit for benefits from a vulnerable Gov seeking “blood” and revenge.

What a sad commentary on leadership!

Cross River Northern Senatorial District is coming to terms with the reality that we are going to waste 8years of being in govt house that will in the end leave many depressed, howling for suicide because of the vaulting greed of just one family!

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But we have decided to move on and reposition ourselves and our people for tomorrow. That’s where Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe comes in. History is being made and nothing can change it. It took us one year to get here. We will finish the battle: “Consequential orders” or not!

The message on the streets of not just Cross River North is clear: Jarigbe is beloved. He is the next thing coming from the north. Young and old; men and women, we have endorsed him and nobody can change that!

Vena. Ikem.


Supreme Court Judgment: It Took Us One Year To Get Here, We Will Finish The Battle, “Consequential Orders” Or Not — Ikem Reacts

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