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Snake Bites Man On His Penis While Sitting On Toilet (Video)

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Weetalknaija Daily Post can authoritavely report that, a Thai teenager, identified as Siraphop Masukarat, has been hospitalized after a python snake bit the tip of his penis as he sat on the toilet seat.

The 18 year old went to the loo on Tuesday evening, when he felt an intense pain on his manhood. As he looked down, he saw that the snake had bitten the tip of his penis, with blood spurted on the toilet bow.

The unfortunate incident took place in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, around 13 miles north of Bangkok.

Siraphop ran out of the toilet with his pants halfway down. On sighting him, his mother called paramedics who rushed him to the nearby Bang Yai Hospital to have his wounded penis treated.

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Doctors stitched the tip of the penis and treated the bite wound with antibiotic wash, to kill any bacteria from the python’s fangs.
Narrating his horrific experience, Siraphop said:“I was using the toilet but a few moments after I sat down, I suddenly felt pain in my penis. I looked down and saw there was a snake hanging in the toilet. Then there was blood everywhere.

“It was only a small snake but its bite was so strong. I hope that my penis can recover.”

According to reports, animals arrived at the scene and found the python still coiled up in the toilet bowl. They used their equipment to snare the snake and put it into a sack before releasing it back into woodland.

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The mother of the victim, Sutapath Masukarat, who was still terrified expressed her shock and wondered how the snake got into the house.

She said: “I don’t know how the snake got into my house. It could have been through the drain connected to the toilet.

“I know the snake really hurt my son but I’m relieved it was only a non-venomous python. If it was a cobra, he would be dead.

“He will be scared every time he goes to toilet. But he’s recovering well at the hospital and I’m thankful to the rescue volunteers for catching the snake.

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