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That Name Senator Gershom Bassey 

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That Name Senator Gershom Bassey

Names have meanings and tell much about the bearer. An exploration of the Bible and other historical books proves beyond doubt that the circumstances surrounding a person’s birth, parental expectations and frustrations, future ambitions and hopes, the time of birth, actions and inactions of the parents, plus other variables influence the names people bear.

In the political setting, names are also given to people based on what they do. Leaders who are not transparent in handling public funds are named looters, corrupt leaders, wasters, and so on. There are others who bear names like transparency, integrity, prudence, accountability and good managers, because of their pattern of leadership.

Senator Gershom Bassey happens to belong to the latter class because of his high taste for transparency and accountability which is chiefly influenced by parental upbringing and religious background.

Throughout his years in politics, his gradual elevation to where he is today, it is as a result of hard work. I have read several stories of alleged corruption cases against some Politicians, but SGB has never been linked to any sharp or fraudulent practices. Instead, his name has often been mentioned in connection with innovative ideas, intelligence, creativity, prudence, integrity and progress. That informed why his choice as Senator in 2015 was overwhelmingly received by lovers of progress and development across board.

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When he assumed office at a time that the country was submerged in recession, Senator Gershom Bassey, through his wealth of experience tried as much as he could to ensure that his Constituents feels the impact of good representation.


Even as a Senator, he is not leading exorbitant lifestyle, but has ignored the pressure to flaunt flamboyant lifestyle consistent with some African leaders, changing cars every 6 months, buying properties everywhere, throwing parties every weekend, and many of such.

It is regrettable to acknowledge the fact that they are people whose desire is to see the Senator fail, but he is succeeding on all fronts. Since they have realized that their prophecy of doom has been averted by the senator’s focused leadership style and superlative performance, the aggrieved elements now resort to blackmail, blasphemy and politics of calumny, raising spurious allegations and unsubstantiated arguments coded in maleficence.

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Having acknowledged the fact that there are damning consequences (litigations) that may trail their social media bigots for their false claims, they now attempt to utilize other sundry media like websites and others that are not easily traceable, to sell their blackmail.

These frustrated politicians who are displaying tantrums because of their 2023 ambitions, are already scratching all avenues to maintain a lifeline that will give them political relevance.

They are eager to do anything, pay people heavily to blackmail SGB and engage in emergency and calculated act of benevolence.

However, their tactics are well known, and no effort to denigrate the person of Distinguished Senator Gershom Bassey will yield fruit.

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One thing I know is that Senator Gershom Bassey will never be deterred by the activities of these individuals as his attention at the moment is focused on delivering good governance, not just to the Southern Senatorial District, but Cross River State at large.

For record purpose, in the coming days, my next article shall contain all the Achievements of Senator Gershom Bassey.


Jake Clifford

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