The Alarming State Of Education In Ogun — Segun Showunmi  


The Alarming State Of In Ogun —

Dear Gov , I trust you are well, there is a time for anyone in charge of any establishment, let alone a state, to read the riot act to parents, the school authorities, and the ! That time is now in Ogun, is mouthed-ly our legacy, I have observed for some times that we have ebbed really low compared to states that do not have our known history in , a comprehensive peer-review will help you see just how far behind in new investments in we have gone, no pun intended as such, I hope you order the review to help give you an idea of the urgency.

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I have watched hopelessly as unacceptable stories have emanated from our schools, primary school children behaving in the most delinquent manners, that cannot be a reflection of who we are or how we plan to groom the next generation, now it seems the situation has gone worse as now the madness going on has been weaponized and according to reports and images uniformed law enforcement officers as ranking as a divisional police office now get stabbed and butchered.

That must be a last straw for what type of citizens can anyone hope such youths will grow up to become and what type of danger would that be in future. A stitch in time will prevent the garment from becoming rags! Do something urgently and fast too. Whatever you desire to do must be such that no one is left in doubt that this madness must stop immediately.

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