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The ‘Effect of Harbouring’ people of different entities leads to bridge of peace, Says Ambassador Apple.



The Nigeria Peace Ambassador to Finland, Ambassador Godwin Apple in one of his out spoken facts, told the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) which is now the General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, not to wait for the outburst of war tanks before commencing the agitation for peace in Nigeria.

Ambassador Godwin narratively explained to the audience in the ongoing functions of talks at the Savonlinna castle channeled

The two Nigerian Ambassadors present in the ongoing mission are Ambassador Godwin Apple of Finland and Ambassador Aju Elumelu James, of the United States of America.

Continuing, Amb. Agim said the fact that the people were created by one God has nothing to do when it comes to imaging them together without due consultation and proper orientation.

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“I think that if the federal government of Nigeria want to boost her agricultural potential, they should carry out a feasibility study which will be channel to the interest of the people in their location”. Apple added.

“If the South-South, South-East or the South-West wants to embarked on livestock farming, make it their choices rather than imposed it on them”.

“Invading a settlement of society by people of a different culture and background have in the pasts records, led to bloodshed and lost of lives” the statement read.

“I call on the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) to stand up and conduct table negotiations and corrections before the use of weapons will be used for Peace keeping” Ambassador Apple stressed.

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In her remark, Ambassador Aju Elumelu of the United States of America (USA) call the UNICEF to join the negotiations on behalf of the Women and Children that will share of the pains of the crises.


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