The Invasion of Incubators By Ants And Why C’River State Govt Must As A Matter Of Urgency Investigate The Incident


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Few weeks ago, Ofunbogha communities went agog amidst jubilation following the delivery of triplets, which according to history, it is one of its kind, but after severe pains that the mother went through. Negligence, mismanagement and nonchalant attitude of the Holy Family Hospital, Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State could not provide the needed health care facilities to breathe up these babies to life, even with the directives of the Director General, DG, of Cross River State Primary Health care Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu, that adequate power supply should be provided, as if she knows that power outage is the hospital’s major challenge, she had to provide a generator and daily funding for petrol, yet the Doctors and Nurses in charge of these babies, out negligence, abuse and abandoned the innocent kids which gave chances to ants invading the Incubator and took away the lives of these innocent children. Painful Death Indeed, I must say!

But wait o!

How on earth, will a complete hospital with professional Doctors and Nurses be bold and proud enough to tell the public that ants invaded the incubators and killed two of the three babies? No na, its unacceptable!


Weetalknaija Blog gathered that the parents of these babies are stack illiterates, and courtesy demands that in situations of these nature, since the State Primary Health care Development Agency had before now vowed to assist the parents to see how the children survives, the doctors and nurses in charge were supposed to advise these parents on what to do, because these people had no single idea how triplets are been taken care of, so it is now left for the hospital to take adequate care of the babies, but the reverse is the case.

To all mothers, you all knows the pains during child birth delivery, not to even talk of triplets.

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“Shit hole country! When Trump said this almost everybody was angry. People were against that comment. But how else would you describe a country which such stupid tales?.

Just listen to this story. In the world of today, people are telling this kind of tale and we call ourselves human beings.? That Doctors and Nurses could have such an inhumane attitude to treat a fellow human being as though not living being?

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The State Governor, Senator Ben Ayade must take a decisive decision to ensure the culprits are brought to book, else Cross River State should really cover its face in shame. Talking about ants eating up babies in an incubators. Shame!

The state government should investigate this incident immediately and and bring to book all those indicted. But that is if we still have a soul.

After all, one may say it is not worse than most things happening in this state? Let me tell us, this state is not beyond “repair” if the government is willing to “take the bull by the horn” it will be a benefit for all Cross Riverians.

New day, new story!

In case you people don’t know, an incubator or incubating room is always sterile, nothing survives there exception of the child. If ant could penetrate the Incubator, then it means there were never incubated.

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This is the grossest negligence in recent history!

We have had similar cases in the state, one of it was when prison inmates gave birth, the governor out of his commitment, through the office of the Commissioner for health, Dr Inyang Asibong released a sum of one million naira and other relief materials to the inmate. Yet the kids couldn’t make it up, according to report, mismanagement and lack of hospital facilities led to the babies death.

Another case was recorded when a woman under tense labour was referred to Mayne Avenue PHC for delivery, but because of N20,000 (twenty thousand naira), the doctor and the nurses threw her into gutter, with overflow of bloods. Lo and Behold! This lady gave birth in an unkempt gutter.

If the state government refused to take adequate action against these menace, we will continue to have records of these same cases.

Governor Ben Ayade, Do Something To Safe Our Born and Unborn Children Before, They Perish All.

Jacob Clifford.


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