EXPOSED: Eyewitness Reveals How Goodluck Jonathan’s Ex-Aide, Gulak, Was Murdered, See The Identity Of Those Who Killed Him


Following the assassination of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s assistant in Owerri, Gulak’s friend, who was p at the time, has spoken forward to recount the events of that day. He was also able to recognize the killers’ faces. When it all transpired, he was in the van with him.

In his police evidence, he offered a comprehensive account of how the perpetrators struck. He also recognized the perpetrators from a list of suspects killed by cops the same day.

The Adventure

Bernard continues, “We booked a ticket to Abuja.” The flight, which took off at 8.30 a.m., was operated by United Nigeria Airlines. We requested that the hotel personnel arrange for a taxi to take us to the airport. Five minutes before 6 a. m., we boarded the hotel-arranged cab.

” As we drove along Aba Road, we discovered the path was blocked. I requested that the blockage be dismantled, but they claimed that five Air Force soldiers had been killed the day before for attempting to destroy the barricade, and that attempting to do so would be dangerous because no one knows who is who.

“The driver suggested that we take an alternative route, and we agreed… When I said “we,” I meant myself and my late colleague. We asked him (the driver) how long it would take to go to the airport, and he said 20 to 30 minutes because the route was almost empty.

Unpleasant encounter

” About 15 minutes later, we asked him if we were close to the airport, and he said yes, that we had passed through Mbaise. Around two minutes from the airport, we arrived at a site called obianu.. obianuju or something, ( Obiangwu ), where we spotted three vehicles: two males lying down, eight boys hopping up and down, one Lexus 360, one Toyota Camry, and another van.

” They were just bouncing around and came up to our car, telling the driver to come down, which he did.” “Oh… there is petrol here,” they said as they studied the gasoline gauge before grabbing the driver’s key.

” They told the driver to lie down and asked why he was moving around while their colleagues had ordered a lockdown.

We were all shivering. At the time, my coworker and I were seated in the rear row. Then two of them, one for myself and the other for my partner, opened the door. They said, ‘You folks should come down, who are you?’ ‘Lie down, lie down, lie down,’ she says. At the same time, they were both bouncing up and down.

” One was questioning the driver, another was questioning me, and the third was questioning Gulak.

Because they were conversing in Ogoni dialect, I made a remark. In the language, I was able to communicate. That is most certainly the reason for my survival. The next thing I heard was, ‘Oh my God!’ By the second, Gulak had been shot in the head! At the time, I was traumatized. I was convinced that I would die suddenly. This time, I had no idea what was going on. They then proceeded to get into their car and drive away. “That’s all I remember.”

Those who have been named as suspects

In his police complaint, Bernard also stated that the gunmen who killed Gulak also targeted a van transporting onions.

“After the police murdered some of the suspects the same day, I recognized the one who engaged me among them,” Bernard said, still frightened by the events. I also recognized the burned suspect as Gulak, a friend of mine. The people in the photos of suspects slain by cops that went viral on YouTube.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his condolences to the family and the nation, promising to beef up security in the country.

Gulak Shot Dead

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