The World Awaits Biden & NATO’s Response As Russia Invades Ukraine


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The World Awaits Biden & NATO’s Response As Russia Invades Ukraine


Russia has invaded Ukraine. Putin ordered the military action. He seeks demilitarization & de-Nazification of Ukraine. Blasts in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa & Mariupol & near Kyiv airport. Oil price is $100. Gold price is surging. The World now awaits Biden & NATO‘a response.

Anti-Nazi movies & rhetorics in Russia was always going to lead to this. Putin seeks to resurrect the Ghost of Old Soviet Union. He crossed the Rubicon & marched on Ukraine soil to stamp out what he believes is Neo-Nazism. Stalin would be proud!

I pray for the people of Ukraine who will wake up to this disturbing & horrific reality. War is not good. Pacifists should condemn Vladimir Putin’s very irrational behavior. The World don’t need WWIII, World War 3 or whatever fits the bill. We’ve seen enough bloodbath already💔

Consequences of US involvement will be dire. Putin provoked this aggression to force Biden’s hand. But U.S cannot fight war on all fronts. Like Stalin & Hitler teamed up b4 the pact fell apart, Putin & Xi may yet reenact another Alliance. There’ll be no winners here, only losers.

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Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine will soon teach the world a lesson. Czarists are watching to see the reaction of UN Security Council, US & NATO. The immediate aftermath of no action against Russia, will embolden China to invade Taiwan. This conflict will send a ripple through time

Joseph Biden have the most difficult job in the world at the moment. While Donald Trump will enjoy his fluffy pillows, perhaps stay awake sipping some Piña colada, Biden won’t sleep.

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He will address the world at noon. But that is the least of my worries right now. Putin is…..

Air raid sirens is going off throughout the city of Kiev. Reminiscence of the blaring alarms of Nazi bombers approaching the city of London.

The air all around the city of Kiev is ominous. The picture is unclear, but it’s the start of something much bigger to come.

Russia has been flying around Ukraine airspace knocking out Ukraine’s air defense systems & military infrastructure on a massive scale.

Obviously to weaken Ukraine & maintain Russia’s air superiority. Russian tanks are crossing from Belarus into Ukraine, while the Ukrainians are getting into their cars & moving West into Poland, in the opposite direction of Russia’s Eastern advancement.

It’s freezing cold out there in Ukraine. Now you have to worry for ordinary Ukrainians who didn’t do nothing to deserve this unprovoked aggression. Fear in the air is palpable & many innocent defenseless will die.

A great deal of dreadful anticipation for residents of Kiev & other cities in Ukraine is rife. The fear is very real, the danger imminent. You have to see the faces of children, mommies & daddies as they dash off to their cars.

The brutal chaotic horror of what will become their fate in hours & days ahead, can only be imagined. It is not right. Non of this is right. This will not end well for ordinary innocent Ukrainians.

Vladimir Putin is irrational & reckless & it must be said. U.S & NATO international support can’t do much for Ukraine military & its people. They are no match for Russia’s military capabilities.

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Putin is a sociopath, he is not a rational man. Big West knew he wasn’t bluffing. Sanctions won’t stop a man he thinks he on the verge of Greatness. Vladimir Putin can’t be bargained with, we’ve since past that stage.

Biden & NATO are boxed into a corner. UN Security Council exist only on paper. They are as irrelevant as the ‘P’ in psycho.

Putin don’t care about the harsh & devastating effects of sanctions on Russians. He don’t care about the loss of lives that will happen on both sides.

This Russia Aggression on Ukraine is the reminiscence of Japanese War of Aggression on China & the Opium Wars waged against China by the West. Neo-Nazism & de-Nazification is a ruse. A deception taken too far.

Just like Big West had to invent the pretext for China Invasion, Putin just invented his own cover for his grand assault on Ukraine. Ukrainians woke up to a very scary & harsh reality.

This will be their cold reality in days & weeks, perhaps months to come. People will be cut off & trapped in the line of direct fire. Families will become refugees in another man’s country. Many will die, those left behind will count & bury their losses.

Again, “this is not right.” Putin did this. He alone chose this premeditated war. So he must be held accountable, he must be made to face the consequences of his very irrational & reckless behavior.

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The world has moved on from the Ghost of Stalin & of Hitler, & Putin should have known better. This world don’t need no WWIII or World War 3. No victory can justify the brutality of war.

To take the side of Vladimir Putin in any way, form or guise, is to take the side of an oppressor & an enemy against humanity. An enemy against World peace.💔. Nefertiti

Nigerians that hate Fulani herdsmen defending grazing routes defended Putin’s actions..

Nigerians, a product of British Colonialism defended the imperialist actions of madman who wants to start WW3.

” Something something NATO, Cuba, West Bad too “- morons

I am glad Putin’s final move was actually this is to revive the Russian Empire.

Could have told you for free this has nothing to do with NATO.

all you had to do was Google rules of joining NATO.

But reading is Haram for idiots..

By the way if you think Putin’s invasion of Ukriane can’t affect you in Nigeria.

Google: Water Resources Bill, RUGA.

If nobody will stop Putin seizing land, who will stop Buhari seizing yours when the world’s attention is on Ukraine?..


It’s almost as if your political interests is what should guide you not your fetish for strong men.

But people at risk of literally losing their water resources thanks to Daura feudalism are in support of Russian imperialism..

Well done!!

People really thought someone moved 100k+ soldiers to encircle a country just for banter. Do you know the logistics involved in moving 100k + combatants in winter?


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