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THIS IS A MUST READ!! Suspected Fraudster Reveals How He Obtained People’s SIM Cards And Emptied Their Accounts Under 5 Minutes Without Leaving Any Traces

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THIS IS A MUST READ!! Suspected Fraudster Reveals How He Obtained People’s SIM Cards And Emptied Their Accounts Under 5 Minutes Without Leaving Any Traces


The Osun State Police Command recently paraded Ayoola Olalekan, a 26-year-old boy, as a suspected cyber fraudster. He tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA what it takes to hack into a victim’s bank account.

How old are you and what is your name?

Ayoola Olalekan is my name. I am a 26-year-old Oyo State native from Oyo city.

What happened that led to your detention?

I was investigated for stealing SIM cards. I took money from my victim’s bank account using apps.

How can you gain access to other people’s accounts?

I do it with apps. If I get my hands on a SIM card that a bank customer uses to receive bank notifications, I can hack into any bank account in Nigeria.


Fraudster Suspect
Have you been doing this for a long time?

It’s something I’ve been doing for over a year.

What is your educational background?

I dropped out of high school and never went back. I left when I was in Senior Secondary School 2 because I couldn’t handle the rigors of schooling any longer. For me, schooling was too complicated.

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Was your decision to avoid going to school supported by your parents?

No, it’s not real. One day, I clearly told my parents that I was no longer interested in school. At the same time, my younger brother and I dropped out of school.

Did you begin hacking bank accounts as soon as you dropped out of high school?

No, I first learned how to deal with aluminum.

Who taught you how to hack?

I heard about it from friends, but now I’m an expert who can break into any (bank) account. I was taken to Sagamu in Ogun State after expressing my desire to learn Yahoo-Yahoo (Internet fraud). I learned how to hack SIM cards when I was there.

How long did it take you to find out how to do it?

In just two months, I was able to master it. I soon mastered it, and now I teach others, one of whom is my younger brother, who was also arrested.

How much money have you made so far from bank account hacking?

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I haven’t made a lot of money. I have yet to purchase a vehicle or build a home. I’m only renting an apartment. After I started hacking, my life just got a little better. The most money I ever made in one go was N500,000.

What do you do with the cash you get from hacking?

I buy stuff for myself and try to support people who are in need. I frequent nightclubs and spend (cash) on women. Despite the fact that I am not married, I do have a girlfriend.

Did your girlfriend know what you do for a living?

Yeah, she was aware of it, and she made no objections. I was really trying to stay alive.

How long do you think it will take you to break into a bank account?

It takes no more than five minutes to complete the SIM hacking process and get the funds removed from my victim’s account.

To hack, I’ll simply dial a software code on my victim’s SIM card, revealing the BVN and other information he used to open the bank account. The rest is simple once I have that.

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What else do you do when you’re not hacking?

I’m a pop singer when I’m not hacking. I go by the nickname Lord 99, and to my credit, I’ve released about six songs, all of which are available for download online.

Will you continue to use Yahoo-Yahoo if you are released?

No, I’m going to focus on my music career. I got into Yahoo-Yahoo because the money I was making in music was inadequate. The most money I’ve ever made in a show was N7,000. Even though I was in prison, I was still inspired to write new music, which I recorded. If I am released, I will perform songs to prevent people from participating in Yahoo-Yahoo.

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