THIS IS A MUST READ!! Suspected Fraudster Reveals How He Obtained People’s SIM Cards And Emptied Their Accounts Under 5 Minutes Without Leaving Any Traces


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THIS IS A MUST READ!! Suspected Fraudster Reveals How He Obtained People’s SIM Cards And Emptied Their Accounts Under 5 Minutes Without Leaving Any Traces


The Osun State Police Command recently paraded Ayoola Olalekan, a 26-year-old boy, as a suspected cyber fraudster. He tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA what it takes to hack into a victim’s bank account.

How old are you and what is your name?

Ayoola Olalekan is my name. I am a 26-year-old Oyo State native from Oyo city.

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What happened that led to your detention?

I was investigated for stealing SIM cards. I took money from my victim’s bank account using apps.

How can you gain access to other people’s accounts?

I do it with apps. If I get my hands on a SIM card that a bank customer uses to receive bank notifications, I can hack into any bank account in Nigeria.


Fraudster Suspect
Have you been doing this for a long time?

It’s something I’ve been doing for over a year.

What is your educational background?

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I dropped out of high school and never went back. I left when I was in Senior Secondary School 2 because I couldn’t handle the rigors of schooling any longer. For me, schooling was too complicated.

Was your decision to avoid going to school supported by your parents?

No, it’s not real. One day, I clearly told my parents that I was no longer interested in school. At the same time, my younger brother and I dropped out of school.

Did you begin hacking bank accounts as soon as you dropped out of high school?

No, I first learned how to deal with aluminum.

Who taught you how to hack?

I heard about it from friends, but now I’m an expert who can break into any (bank) account. I was taken to Sagamu in Ogun State after expressing my desire to learn Yahoo-Yahoo (Internet fraud). I learned how to hack SIM cards when I was there.

How long did it take you to find out how to do it?

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In just two months, I was able to master it. I soon mastered it, and now I teach others, one of whom is my younger brother, who was also arrested.

How much money have you made so far from bank account hacking?

I haven’t made a lot of money. I have yet to purchase a vehicle or build a home. I’m only renting an apartment. After I started hacking, my life just got a little better. The most money I ever made in one go was N500,000.

What do you do with the cash you get from hacking?

I buy stuff for myself and try to support people who are in need. I frequent nightclubs and spend (cash) on women. Despite the fact that I am not married, I do have a girlfriend.

Did your girlfriend know what you do for a living?

Yeah, she was aware of it, and she made no objections. I was really trying to stay alive.

How long do you think it will take you to break into a bank account?

It takes no more than five minutes to complete the SIM hacking process and get the funds removed from my victim’s account.

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To hack, I’ll simply dial a software code on my victim’s SIM card, revealing the BVN and other information he used to open the bank account. The rest is simple once I have that.

What else do you do when you’re not hacking?

I’m a pop singer when I’m not hacking. I go by the nickname Lord 99, and to my credit, I’ve released about six songs, all of which are available for download online.

Will you continue to use Yahoo-Yahoo if you are released?

No, I’m going to focus on my music career. I got into Yahoo-Yahoo because the money I was making in music was inadequate. The most money I’ve ever made in a show was N7,000. Even though I was in prison, I was still inspired to write new music, which I recorded. If I am released, I will perform songs to prevent people from participating in Yahoo-Yahoo.


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