OH NO!! Newborn Baby Left To Die In Roasting Car ‘After Her Mother Forgot About Her’


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This is the newborn baby who died in a roasting hot car after her mother allegedly forgot about her. McKinley Garner lost her life in the sweltering vehicle in Panama City, Florida, on September 2 when her mother Megan Dauphin, 30, allegedly got high and forgot about her.

Dauphin was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter over McKinley’s death, less than two months after she was born on July 4. The infant was left in the roasting car for several hours, and was pronounced dead shortly after emergency responders were called out to her mom’s home.

One of Dauphin’s friends, who asked not to be named, told Metro.co.uk Dauphin had gone partying the weekend after McKinley’s death. That friend said: ‘The Megan I knew would have never done this so this whole situation is very shocking to me…

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‘All I keep picturing in my head is that beautiful baby girl wrapped up in the swaddle blanket I bought off your baby shower and to imagine her life get takin from that innocent child because of a mother leaving her child unattended in a hot car is so disturbing.’

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Detectives from Bay County Sheriff’s Office then began investigating Dauphin, and are said to have found drug paraphernalia in her home consistent with crystal meth use.

Dauphin was made to take a blood test, which is said to have established that she was high on meth on the day of her baby’s death.

It is unclear what the mom was doing while McKinley lay dying in the hot car. Unconfirmed reports say that Dauphin lived with her family, but that her dad was at work and her sister was asleep when she allegedly left her baby in the car.

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Dauphin was booked into Bay County Jail on Wednesday, where she remains ahead of her preliminary court hearing.





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