Today’s message to all Women: Do you know you can scare your rightful husband away? Ask me “how”? [Must Read]


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Today’s message to all Women: Do you know you can scare your rightful husband away? Ask me “how”? [Must Read]

To all single ladies.
Do you know you can scare your rightful husband away? Ask me “HOW?”
It is my duty to open your eyes to some certain truths
you don’t know about yourself.
In this edition I shall enumerate and discuss briefly four
most disgusting flaws that may have acted as a WALL
OF JERICHO to your marriage expectations.
The first one is,
Your shapeless figure. Please don’t crucify me yet, by
shapeless figure you will learn what I mean soon.
The most beautiful curve in a woman’s body is her smile.
No matter how curvy a woman’s figure is in the actual
sense, without a smile she is as shapeless as amoeba. A
lady that doesn’t smile is never attractive, a woman’s
smiles attracts more than electronic magnet, there’s
nothing that attracts a man than a woman’s smile, it
makes him confused, unfocused, and unrest until he
answers the call. A radiant smile is the only most decent
weapon a very shy woman has to attract her man, even
the most ugly woman still look beautiful in her smile.
It keeps me wondering how some young ladies survive
with their mouth activated to constant frown, even when
she is being approached by a man, looking at her frown,
it will seem to passersby that the man may be trying to
rub her. A smile is a therapy, a woman that doesn’t
smile look older than her age. a man may be trying to get
closer, all he needs is an easy link to your heart, and
that’s exactly what a simple smile can do.
A lady that doesn’t smile is likened to a trader who build
up fences against her goods shaded inside for no one to
see and buy. Without your smile no man will have the
boldness or courage to approach you for friendship.
So always keep smile on your face and loose yourself
from self imposed bondage
Well the second way in which you can scare your man
away that am going to talk about is,
Exaggerating appearance. Looking good is a good
business that we all know, but a very expensive look
limits your audience category. As an eligible lady you are
advertising your goods, your audience are men that are
ready for marriage, but how long your good lasted with
you before taken depends on the quality of your goods,
and how attractive the price tag is. The “quality’ here
represents your inner or outward natural beauty, while
your price tag is how expensive you appear. You would
agree with me that in a market place, it is the goods
with good quality with an attached attractive price tag
that sells most, If you re the type of lady who dresses
exuberantly, emblazon in gold on neck wrist and ankles,
sometimes on waist, dresses in the most expensive
clothes, shoes and bags, hold iphone six, BB empathy or
more, even a man in range spot will run for his dear life
when he notice your worth at a glance. I mean, how
would a man resolve by himself to liquidate his own
self? It doesn’t make sense. Yes it is true that you don’t
depend on men for those things, but who care to
understand? Even if those things where gotten for you
by your parents, no man would be willing to take the
responsibility from them someday except the supper rich
only, and they may be hard to come by.
Sometimes those expensive things you put on doesn’t
help, you just need to appear simply dressed and
attractive to have your rightful man come by.
The third is,
Seductive appearance. Be attractive doesn’t mean you
should dress in skipping clothes, though it is a very
effective way of attracting men’s attention, but not the
right kind of men. Those kind of dresses can only attract
non serious kind of guys and cheating married men.
Putting on those kind of beautiful rags means that you
are available for a one night stand and not a serious
engagement, any man that is serious will not come for
I know that some of you may ask what about guys that
marries from the hotel? But know that it is not all
prostitutes that have the intention for it originally, but
circumstances pushes some into it, and whenever you see
those ones, their attitude and composure will inform you
that these where once African bred pigeons, compare to
those that have passion for it in spite of their parental
cares. So your dress code tells a lot about you, your
personality and background, most of all, it tells whether
your brain is refined or it is just an empty drum you
have upstairs.
The forth is,
Your social life at the grassroots.
Men are too afraid to make mistakes especially when it
involves settling down, they can transform themselves into
undercover agent just to know certain truth about the
woman they intent going for. Your intended husband or a
man with a genuine intention to ask your hand in
marriage may come to your area without you knowing.
My point is, most girls often possess the habit of raising
shoulders in the area where the live, they see all the boys
around there as hooligans, touts drunks, thieves, bellow
standard, dirty thing, dem nor reach, etc. Some may
even go as far as showing it to their faces, not to talk
about salutation or relating for a moment, but they
stupidly forgot that these are the army that would protect
her when trouble knocks. Relating once in a while with
your area guys doesn’t make you cheap, you can never
imagine how high you might be in their list of importance
compare to that beautiful girl that always shakes her butt
passed them, whom they revere to as “this idiot wey nor
sabi greet person”
Guys know how to relate with themselves especially
when drinks and smokes are involved, don’t be surprise
that your husband-to-be can decide to blend in the midst
of these guys you call TOUTS for a moment just for
interrogation purpose, and this may be the opportunity
they ve been waiting for to get back at you, and you
know what that means. The most friendly lies they will
broadcast about you may be to refer to you as a street
dog or a public toilet and that they ve all taken turn in
taken you to bed… Or worse. Hahaha….. Did you get
the picture? Where as if you where close as exchanging
greetings with them, they would paint you as an angel
before your man even if you where that public toilet the
Please try and work on your social life in your area,
very important for a lady, and I hope you ve learn
something today… Thanks.

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