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Why Do Husbands In Africa Die Most Times Before Their Wives? (Share Your Thoughts)

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The financial responsibilities and commitment that are being shouldered by husbands in Africa are no doubt the factors responsible for the untimely death of many husbands.

African culture and traditions which regard husbands as supreme heads of the families have also placed enormous and unavoidable responsibilities on them.

Husbands’ eagerness and curiosity to meet up with all family commitments have adversely created tension which at the long run cause untimely and premature death to most of the husbands in African Continent.

Researches have revealed that husbands in Africa are dieing most times before their wives because of these notable and unavoidable responsibilities:

Firstly, payment of children’s school fees has been noted and acknowledged as one of the primary responsibilities of a responsible husband, the husband would ensure the payment of the children’s school fees no matter their numerical strength and most especially if he is married more than two wives, the children of all wives would be catered for with no regard to preferential treatment.

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Also, feeding is one of the basic necessities of life which husband no matter what must ensure that the wives and children are given foods that would ensure their livings and sustenance, husbands, with works or no works must be on their feets to make adequate provision of foods to the family.

Not only that but husbands also need to ascertain that children are clothed decently and also ensure they live under an average roof, foods, shelter and cloths are unavoidable necessities of life that husbands under African traditions providing for the families at large.

Aged parents are not left behind as husbands need to care and make provisions for their own aged parents, wives’ aged parents, in-laws and other related to extended families, the roles they play here are enormous as they are noted for the discharge of the responsibilities as being surfaced as time demands.

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Wives’ demands are the most key ones which husbands must give adequate attention, for instance, wives no matter how rich would demand their husbands to provide them cloths, shoes, motors, pocket money and others to meet up with other wives of other husbands.

Husbands who are keeping their wives under rentage apartments would never relax until their own buildings are made, husbands are to run up and down on how the money to facilitate the completion of the projects would be obtained.

Imagine how husbands are dieing before their wives, they also need to pay all necessary attention and commitments to religious demands, be it mosques or churches, husbands would need to faithfully and sincerely pay tithes, other demands in churches, mosques are not left behind as muslim husbands would need to give the religious dues as time demands.

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The above itemised commitments shouldered by husbands are not enough, as there are many others which are responsible for untimely and premature death of the husbands in Africa.

Sincerely speaking, if it continues like this, there is every possibility and tendency that husbands in africa would be dieing most times before their wives.

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