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#Uganda Election Results | Live Updates | Situation Report, See Official Election Results Of Museveni Vs Bobi Wine

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#Uganda Election Results | Live Updates | Situation Report, See Official Election Results Of Museveni Vs Bobi Wine


Uganda election results of Museveni vs Bobi Wine are trickling in.

WeetalknaijaBlog reports that Uganda election 2021 is the fourth in the East African nation since multiparty politics was restored in 2005 — but by then President Yoweri Museveni had already been in power for nearly two decades.

WeetalknaijaBlog confirmed that more than 18 million voters registered for Uganda election 2021 which held Thursday, January 14, 2021, where they cast ballots for presidential, parliamentary and local representatives.


In the election, there are 11 presidential candidates vying for the leadership of Uganda over the next five years, and a candidate must win more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff.

Most prominent among the presidential candidates for Uganda election is the incumbent, Museveni, a former rebel who came to power in January 1986 and has since ruled the country with an iron grip. At 76, Museveni is one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders.


Museveni’s main rival is Bobi Wine, a 38-year-old musician who was elected to Parliament in 2017. Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has long used his music to lament the state of the country under Museveni and aims to galvanize the youth vote to unseat him.

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NewsOne Nigeria reports that polls have closed and vote counting is under way and results have started emerging in Uganda’s tense presidential election that pits longtime President Museveni against opposition frontrunner Bobi Wine, a pop star-turned-opposition leader.

Below are the Uganda Election Results from Uganda Election 2021 (PLEASE REFRESH THIS PAGE ALWAYS FOR FRESH UPDATE ON THE RESULTS)
Updated Uganda Election Results for Uganda Election 2021
1:26 AM- Friday(Nigerian time): Busia preliminary results

Nangare Shop

Bobi Wine- 196
Museveni- 105

Custom rd

Bobi Wine- 212
Museveni- 109

Nagwe custom rd

Bobi Wine- 170
Museveni- 93

Miracle church A

Bobi Wine- 277
Museveni- 99

Miracle church B

Bobi Wine- 241
Museveni – 121.

Busia preliminary results


Bobi Wine- 246
Museveni- 95

Omango’s place

Bobi Wine- 239
Museveni- 104

Mawero East sch

Bobi Wine- 239
Museveni- 130

Elim church

Bobi Wine- 299
Museveni- 78.

Busia preliminary results

Mawero B

Bobi Wine- 347
Museveni- 137

Mango tree

Bobi Wine- 239
Museveni- 104


Bobi Wine- 207
Museveni- 152.

Busia preliminary results

Marach A

Bobi Wine- 157
Museveni- 129

Marach B

Bobi Wine- 184
Museveni- 126

Mawero C

Bobi Wine- 272
Museveni- 67.

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Busia preliminary results

Masafu B

Bobi Wine- 348
Museveni- 118

Masafu A

Bobi Wine- 175
Museveni- 95

Marach D

Bobi Wine- 247
Museveni- 165

Marach C

Bobi Wine- 186
Museveni- 134.

Masaka preliminary results

Masaka sec sch

Bobi Wine- 188
Museveni- 61

Kimaanya A

Bobi Wine- 281
Museveni- 57

Kimaanya B

Bobi Wine- 377
Museveni- 51.

Masaka preliminary results

Kashaka, Kalisizo

Bobi Wine- 307
Museveni- 174.

Kabarole preliminary results

Nyatonga parish

Bobi Wine- 659
Museveni- 23

Nyakasura parish, Fort Portal

Bobi Wine- 1800
Museveni- 321.

Kasagga church of Uganda

Bobi Wine- 118
Museveni- 68


Bobi Wine- 380
Museveni- 170.

Kalungu preliminary results
Bunoga pri. sch

Bobi Wine- 137
Museveni- 130

Kasagga pri. sch

Bobi Wine- 173
Museveni- 137.

Luweero preliminary results

Bukasa, Zirobwe

Bobi Wine- 445
Museveni- 138.

Wakiso preliminary results
Nansana East B polling station

Bobi Wine- 344
Museveni- 63.

KAPELEBYONG, preliminary result totals so far:

Kyagulanyi – 26,858
Museveni – 3,570.

Lwengo preliminary results
Sseke playground, Bukoto South

Bobi Wine- 225
Museveni- 67.

Tororo preliminary results


Bobi Wine- 280
Museveni- 124.

Tororo preliminary results


Bobi Wine- 170
Museveni- 22


Bobi Wine- 126
Museveni- 86.

Tororo preliminary results


Bobi Wine- 181
Museveni- 78

Steven A

Bobi Wine- 176
Museveni- 118
Steven B

Bobi Wine- 192
Museveni- 77

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Lyambura pri. sch
Bobi Wine- 135
Museveni – 55

Police P.S

Bobi Wine- 50
Museveni- 22.


Bobi Wine -119
Museveni- 72


Bobi Wine-96
Museveni- 26.

Bushenyi preliminary results
Ishaka B

Bobi Wine- 450
Museveni- 19.

Kinoni town sseke playground

Bobi Wine- 225
Museveni- 67.


Kito village, Kira
Bobi Wine- 2064
Museveni- 560

Namugongo *polling station not named*
Bobi Wine- 1482
Museveni- 372.

Kalangala preliminary results
Kagwiri Iceland

Bobi Wine- 46
Museveni- 04

Namirembe Iceland
Bobi Wine- 213
Museveni- 34.

St. Francis nursery school O-Z

Bobi Wine- 211
Museveni- 24.

Masaka preliminary results
Market, Nyendo

Bobi Wine- 299
Museveni – 45.

Rakai preliminary results

Bobi Wine- 240
Museveni- 32.

Mukono preliminary results

Bobi Wine- 432
Museveni- 132.

Elimu Church, Walukuba (Jinja South East)

Jorop, walukuba west ( Jinja South East)

Bobi Wine-217

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