US Government Agreed To Provide Advanced Weapons To Israel, As Israel’s Prime Minister Promised To Continue Attacks On Gaza


According to the Washington Post, the US government has decided to provide advanced weapons to Israel in response to the regime’s atrocities on Palestinians.
America/Iran Press: The armaments purchase, according to the Washington Post, is worth $735 million and includes the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System.

Following a green light from the White House, Israel’s regime has killed at least 220 Palestinians, including 60 children, and injured more than 5,600 others in a series of ground and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Quds during the past week.

On Monday, a UNICEF official called for a halt to Israeli bombardment on the oppressed Palestinian people, stressing that no place in Gaza is safe for children.

The UN Security Council has met three times in the last week to try to stop Israel’s strikes, all of which have failed due to the United States’ veto.

In a coordinated attempt to promote Israeli criminal crimes, the American social media platforms “Facebook” and “Instagram” have recently erased all content from Palestinian supporters, particularly those who chronicle the occupying regime’s aggression in Quds.

According to users of the social media platforms “Facebook” and “Instagram,” both platforms have implemented substantial censorship in order to prevent further exposure of Israeli atrocities. 219th.

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