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Akwa Ibom State And The Political Polly Sex : All You Need To Know • More Revelations By Sammy Etuk

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By Sammy Etuk

All is well or it’s well. That is a common greeting these days. But social media has exposed the irritant, a silence pain that is despoiling Akwa Ibom households, and mortifying the inventive traditional salutation. Social gatherings are evaded nowadays by culprits. It is very common to meet Husbands, who often complain that, “my wife says she’s wiser than when we got married and knows better now because she is sleeping with a politician.”

In the past weeks the state has been snowed under by side-chicks slamming married women on social media, both kept slaying each other inexorably in different platforms. The reason is not farfetched; it is the struggle to grab mint naira notes of favourable politicians in the state.

Why is the benefactors classified as opportune politicians, this is can be deduced from a former House of Assembly aspirant, one Blessing Ossom’s acerbic rants. She recently vent her uncut vituperation on her state governor and other politicians, seemingly accusing the governor of turning women in the state into prostitutes because he has refused to share money and preferred empowering only his ‘Lagos import’ cronies.

In her words, “the privileged few you brought from Lagos are those with money now, and these politicians use it as bait to have affairs with married women instead of helping them freely when they are in need.”

The brickbat between married women and sidekicks was first festered publicly by a supposedly sidekick (side chick), who laboured to explain the competition between the single businesswomen as she called them and the housewives.

She accused the housewives of abandoning their home chores to now contend with the mistresses for cash. Her self-made video about 10 clips went viral immediately drawing reactions from all and sundry. It is profusely trending and could end up winning award despite the actor using vernacular.

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She pithily said, ”I’ll expose any married woman trying to run me down. What are they doing in that place (mentioned a hotel)if not to hussle. Why do they always converge there if not to search for rich politicians? We are doing business not like them, who abandoned their husbands at home to sneak into bed for N50k or a N100k.”

She went on to challenge those married women, who try to invade their business space to be ready for her flaks. Her boast was barefaced not colourful but raw show of uncut stance.

She even toasted a Hennessy to her melancholic humoured swank. She could be forgiven because loneliness can breed peripatetic boredom as all blames go to COVID 19 induced lockdown. Her raving brought back memories of the defunct Lagos Weekend newspaper..

To dismiss these innuendoes as product of COVID 19 stimulated seclusion maybe a harried judgment. Brushing over it, is also dangerous considering the tell-tale bubbling disclosures from the vestiges of the sore thumb.

When Ms Ossom added her twist two days later, she flew off the handle, unearthing the casing of the scandalous dirt punk making the rounds and it blew off the lid to the grimy manipulations and yen for wealth.

A lady called my line afterwards severally to recount her experience. Initially, I turned down the exposé, but recent happenings pushed me to listen to the awful sordid tale.
“Sir what you’re hearing is true. I have cogent facts and I was also trapped.

My marriage is on the brink of breaking up. A friend introduced me to the game when I was her sudden risebroke; her hubby is a civil servant, who is working hard to cater for the family. She was always broke and I decided to find out the sudden change.

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“Firstly, I was asked to join the trend through an SA, we’ll be introduced to politicians. I joined them to Oron and got inducted into the orgy thing. Anytime, I’m out of home, it is for a friend’s party or family reunion, that was the common excuse I was taught. Some hide under the cloak of going to church programmes.

“I’m fed up because the competition is getting too much and we’re becoming fetish. Getting involve in juju to outsmart each other or get the men to take a liking to us when we smile at them or open our mouth to talk to them, also am losing my family and hubby. Some of them, who are religious, go to prayer homes to pray for luck.

We do all kinds of things to survive in the field. I didn’t use to consume alcohol, but to be in the mood you have to. Yes like Blessing Ossom said they prefer it raw, no protection.” she said more insidious things later on.

This is why one can safely conclude that the grubby affair is getting chaotic. A time bomb that could take many in when ignited. Some of Ms Ossom’s allegations, though most were out of sync, seem to stem from her avid experience, hernce her genuine warning to these business women now dancing naked on the streets could be believable.

The recent outburst confounded decency. It makes a mockery of the civility the blonde whistle blower expounded.

Thrown spiners into the squalid affair she swanks as business transaction.The game as they called it, is even been sullied the more.
Aides and drivers of top political appointees are more intrepid, according to the ongoing muddled confessions. They cash in on their masters’ pedigree to have a piece of the pie too.

A victim said they prey on vulnerable women, married women. Is it really vulnerable or greedy ones, pining for bigger shoe size as Ms Ossom alleged, while cautioning the women to be satisfied with what they have.

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“Most of you are victims because when these politicians or their boys, get you and have tested it, they block your phone numbers and you can not contact them again or they pass you around like handbags. They discuss you and make fun of you, be comfortable with what you have. Try to work hard than falling to these insensitive people.

They will tell you they cannot use condom and Akwa Ibom HIV figures are rising daily. I have big friends, who have money more than I do, I don’t aspire to wear the same hairstyle or wig like them because I cannot reach that height now. Work hard and stop following these politicians because they will dump you soon and demean your glowing beauty.”
Ossom became emotional and stepped into the same cluttered pot while delivering her state of women affairs message. The dignity of Akwa Ibom women cannot be rubbished by few refractory ones.

Time to bring back that old time religion. Investigations also showed that social media platforms fired up this messing game. And too many jobless SAs. What does Polly means, to a Frenchman is being polite to an Englishman it is great sorrow, this is why the hoi polloi like us will keep watching the unfolding drama. Marriage in honourable.
By Sammy ETUK

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