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Uyo Saga : All You Need To know About The Monty Suite Hotels Saga (The Full Episode)

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In the past 24 hours or there about, the social media has been very rough on Slay Queens in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital.

The different slay queens took to their various official and verified Facebook account to exposed in details how they have turned Monty Suite Hotels in Uyo to their permanent residence.

According to one of the girls, who even threatened to release names of all the top government appointees in the state that they have slept with to enable them get juicy appointments for their husbands.

Read Complete Story Below :

For Those Who’ve Been Asking About The Monty Suite Saga:

If you haven’t seen the videos or read the stories, I’ll give you a summarized brief.

1. Happiness, a.k.a Arab queen (a former pastor’s wife) accused married women of sleeping around in Monty Suite and threatened to release list. She claimed, she sees them when she’s also at the hotel.

2. A blog then mentioned Edidiong Akpan’s name, claiming she was being mentioned by Arab money; that they’ll release a list of the men she’s slept with in their next blog post.

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3. Edidiong Akpan responded and said the blog should release the list, asking if she’s even married. Edidiong went further to say she knows who’s behind the fake News.

4. Arab queen released a rejoinder that she didn’t mention Edidiong Akpan’s name; that she didn’t even mentioned anybody’s name and that she owes nobody a debt of mentioning names. “Nobody can force me to mention names.”

5. The blog seeing that it is an error, apologised to Edidiong Akpan; saying they’ve suspended the staff who carried the fake gist.

6. Blessing Ossom released her own video, claiming it is the hardship caused by Gov Udom’s administration that is causing women to sleep around in Uyo and went ahead to say that she knows many women who do this.

7. Roseline Udosen did a follow up post revealing a list of men Blessing Ossom has allegedly slept with; even dragging in Osinbajo’s visit to Uyo.

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8. Emmanuel Owuala (an alleged appointment seeker) also comes out to abuse Blessing Ossom for insulting Udom; he dragged in Akpabio and gave a little of Blessing Ossom’s history.

9. Da Zion Umoh made rejoinder videos too, attacking Emmanuel Owuala for insulting Akpabio and Blessing Ossom; that Emmanuel is not from AKS but Abia State. He went further to say that Emmanuel Owuala can never get that sycophantic appointment that he’s looking for.

10. Blessing Ossom then made a second post releasing names of people Emmanuel Owuala’s wife has allegedly slept with.

So after reading all these, can I now leave Uyo and come to Calabar for their own saga?

Please open the border for me.
#Kokopedia #UyoSaga

Another Revelation :

Blessing Ossom is a well known prostitute na. She use to be my friend right from Immaculate Conception.

1. She was fucking Chief Sunny Ibanga. She was even using Chief Ibanga’s Tundra to campaign during the elections.

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2. She was fucking Hillary Ettah, National Vice Chairman, APC South South. That was how she got the House of Assembly ticket without having even one delegate.

3. The day Osinbajo visited Akwa Ibom State, she was sucking a guys dick inside a car on their way to the Airport.

4. He took his boyfriend’s sperm to a native doctor, the guy lost his job and he is now useless.

Bless is very very diabolic..
As we speak, his photos of sucking a dick is flying Inbox

Blessing Osom E

The question is, why do girls of nowadays choose to sleep with politicians?

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