VIDEO: I Need a Man Who Can Ch0p Me 8 Times a Week – Beautiful Lady Drops Details For Single Men


Beautiful Lady has revealed that she need a man who can give her s£x 8 times in a week.

It would shock and interest you to know that a Ghanaian lady identified as Ama Kodesh is looking for a strong man in bed.

She wants not just a strong man but one who will be dedicated to her org.asm and frequent se.x.ual pleasure. (SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY)

In a social media post, Ama Kodesh said any man who is interested must meet a critical criterion which is he should be a s.e.x addict.

According to her, the lucky man must agree to have at least 8 se.xual intercourse with her in a week.

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That should be overtime as far as the number of days of the week is concerned.

VIDEO: I Need a Man Who Can Ch0p Me 8 Times a Week – Beautiful Lady Drops Details For Single Men

Explaining her preferences in a tweet, Ama Kodesh intimated that every se.x.ual encounter must go beyond 4 rounds and each session should be an hour long at least.

Interesting guys can dm her on Twitter;

Would Ama Kdoesh be able to secure such a man?

Well, several men have reacted to the post by auditing their bedroom skills and bragging about their sexual stamina.

See the reactions below;

@Moshosho97 wrote: How much u go pay? I deal in that
@icekojo wrote: How much are u ready to pay?
@smrin_ofx wrote: I will give u 20x a day
@iamphylus wrote: A man who would do that for you doesn’t love you Do you want sex only or you want a life ?? Not all men are responsible ppl…some wants youfir the s#x n those ,,trust me They don’t love you
@yemboney wrote: My dear, you can get but for how long are your expectations? Maybe for months, you can get it, but for a year and beyond, I am afraid you are not truthful to yourself. Please refine your thoughts.
@soccases wrote: Guys can give 10 rounds of sex but the thing is the chemicals, you girls put inside your private parts turn into water and washed the taste in there after the first round, so it kills the guy’s s#x appeal after the second round.


VIDEO: I Need a Man Who Can Ch0p Me 8 Times a Week – Beautiful Lady Drops Details For Single Men

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