VIDEO: Scores Feared Dead As Nigerians In Dubai-UAE Butchered Themselves In Bloody Culti War

VIDEO: Scores Feared Dead As Nigerians In Dubai-UAE Butchered Themselves In Bloody Culti War

Nigerians living in the state of Shajar in the United Arab Emirates have butchered themselves after a macheting war broke out among cultists.

In a report made available to WeetalknaijaBlog, about 22 young Nigerian men living in the UAE were said to have involved themselves in a dastard cult war thereby cutting each other with sharp machetes.

In a video seen by WeetalknaijaBlog Malaysian correspondent, the young men who were within the ages of about 20 to 25 were seen with deep cuts left on their bodies with blood flowing in their apartments.

One of them was shouting out, Wisdom, did you see the phone? and non of them were showing any sign of pain nor remorse. Another video showed dead bodies of Nigerians who were hacked to death in the bloody cultists’ war.

In a tweet by another Nigerian living in UAE, it was gathered that some of the cultists have been arrested by the Shajar police department and they will be tried for causing public nuisance in the state.

Another tweet by one IYAWAEC77 wrote: “For those who haven’t seen the video. How do you do this in another man’s land? Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.”


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“For those who have families in the UAE, most especially in the State of Sharjah and Dubai, check on them NOW. Some of them will never see the light of the day again. This is what happens when you carry cultism to another man’s land.”

“There have been incidents of Nigerians exporting their barbarism to foreign countries thereby causing more damage to the already battered image of the African big-for-nothing country, and we are pleading with our Youths not to extend their evil-mindedness to another innocent peace-loving country,” a Nigerian resident in UAE said while confirming the report.

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Another Tweet reads: “Nigerians will wreck a working system.”

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