WATCH VIDEO: Drama As Four Police Officers Were Caught Kneeling Down Crying and Begging For Forgiveness After Doing This…

WATCH VIDEO: Drama As Four Police Officers Were Caught Kneeling Down To Beg For Forgiveness After Doing This…


A photo of Nigerian police officers kneeling to beg forgiveness while dressed in their uniform has gone viral on the internet.

Harrison Emefiena, a well-known civil rights lawyer and the president of the Delta State Judicial Court of Inquiry on Police Brutality, made the latest revelation public. He posted a photo of four cops kneeling in prayer, pleading for mercy.

The four officers pictured have been identified as being under investigation by the unit of investigation. But what did they do to compel themselves to kneel and beg forgiveness?

As we previously reported, civil rights lawyer Harrison Emefiena and his team took brave steps to ensure that a school student named Segun received justice after he was abducted and extorted by some police officers in Lagos.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that the four men shown above were the ones who abducted and extorted money from the student.

According to the study, the said Boy was on his way to school when he was kidnapped by four inspectors who coerced him to give them 70 thousand Naira before releasing him. He just charged the money to be set free.


He then went on to present the case to a civil rights attorney, who looked into the matter, and after an investigation, the officers were apprehended, and the money was returned to the student.

The four police officers, according to the information we got, had committed the crime several times. In the city of Lagos, they have a tradition of extorting people.

A massive demonstration against police violence was held in October 2020, and it lasted for weeks. The Nigerian youths orchestrated such a large rally that international communities were forced to respond to the unrest. After weeks of planning the rally, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government disbanded SARS and replaced it with SWAT.

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