We Need An Experienced Hand To Speak For Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency In 2023


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We Need An Experienced Hand To Speak For Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency In 2023



A legislator is elected to make laws for the wellbeing of his country amongst other things.

The job of a Legislator is a tedious and complex one and requires a tested, confidence, and trusted ally. I have believed that our Nation is replete with too many laws that have not been able to translate into people’s wellbeing. Some of our elected representatives have done well in the area of lawmaking. However, few of those legislations have affected the common man directly. This is not to say those who we elect to represent us shouldn’t contribute to enriching our laws- far from it.

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My thinking is that the third function of a legislator (Constituency Outreach) is what our people need to pull them out from the doldrums. By constituency outreach, I mean, scouting for jobs for our teeming graduates, lobbying for scholarships to the indigent student, connecting the youths on how to use their hands and create wealth for themselves, and general empowerment for the constituents.

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Getting an experienced hand is to get a man who has been in the business of lawmaking for some time- the politics of the legislature is not for greenhorns and- or unstable character.

We need a representative who is accessible, stable, dependable and has been around, and understands the politics of the time.

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Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency needs a man who understands our stormy political weather and can navigate carefully but productively.

We need a representative we can be proud of, we need a representative who can go out of his way to scout for jobs and lobby for opportunities to our people.

His name is Rt. Hon. (Dr) Friday Gabriel Okpechi. He will bring the dividends of democracy to our doorsteps.

He is the Sure Bet. Come, let’s cruise with him.


By: Engr Enangha Owa


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