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Someone posted regarding the OSU solid in Igbo land and I was amazed by the amount of insult hipped at her even by non igbos who wouldn’t even understand what osu is all about…. It is that till as we converse many igbos born and launched up exterior Igbo land don’t even know the meaning of the phrase OSU nevertheless merely calls it evil cos many people says its evil…

Now let me take out time to analysis this OSU solid…
There is OHU and there could also be OSU… Many of us don’t understand the excellence between this two! Ohu are slaves provided out in time memorial, after slavery was abolished they might not return to their homes so the settled throughout the communities the place they’d been provided and begins making households after which multiplies, their children believes they’re from that group nevertheless the true householders of the land will ceaselessly know them as OHU cos they the place not at all initially from that land…N:B this people are a lot much less discriminated, u can marry them with out anyone questioning u on account of they’re partially part of the group…
OSU: this people are specific type of people who discover themselves each dedicated to a deity (shrine) by the group to appease the gods or they devoted themselves by themselves to the deity (shrine) for protection each from enemies or poverty…

This people are properties of the deity, u can’t marry their girls with out the consent of the deity, the deity takes care of them from starting, that is the explanation u see them principally beautiful and their males are on a regular basis rich and handsome, the deity fends for them and opens their doorways for achievement, of us discriminates them cos the belongs to oracles thereby if u ought to mingle with them u must be terribly cautious cos as quickly as u make them cry u are in trouble and the Oracle will fight for them, offending them is like offending the Oracle so the perfect issue to do is to stay away from them… Civilization has made many OSU abandon their deity’s and embrace Christianity nevertheless the very fact is that no matter how u try and run from it, OSU is OSU..
. We met this issue this way

-Uzochukwu Ferdinand

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