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Why I wrote Governor Ayade an open Letter — Odey

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As a solution-driven person, I’m super grateful for the future of Cross River State presently built by a man of exceptional capacity, wisdom and experience. Expecially in the aspect of Agriculture and industrialization.

One of the cause of failures in our society is the lack of proper transfer of knowledge from one generation of leaders to the next generation, this is a pathetic situation because we see great legacies that never infiltrated the minds of the next generation. My amiable governor is too smart to make such blunder so I only wanted to offer my skill and inspirations to that project of “Intellectual Money”

Secondly, I have notice a low mental capacity development quotient amongst the younger generation of our people. I make no mistake to say that on the average it is lower here than that of the western states. I know I have a tangible solution and no better person will be more than willing than a highly intelligent, smart and creative Governor to bring to fruition the lofty idea of mental revolution.

Finally, I think that good governance is everybody’s responsibility, and I want to encourage our younger generation to seek to proffer solution to societal problems instead of just complaining and living at the mercy of some politicians who put human materialism above service to their people.

Thanks your excellency Sir for being a person we can look up to do the right thing.

Attached is a draft of the open letter to the Governor….

*An Open Letter to His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Cross River State. Sir (prof) Ben Ayade. On the need to support a drive for mental revolution of students in Cross River State.*

Your excellency, I have carefully watched you express repeatedly a unique desire to change the entire narratives of our dear state – Cross River – from what it use to be. To that cause, I have decided to lend my hands and voice in support of your quest, for promoting good governance is everyone’s responsibility.

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The challenges we face as a people is not limited to us alone, but it’s common to us as a nation and those of the third world nations generally. Since 2015, as an executive governor of our dear state, you have shown doggedness and a rare capacity of mental ingenuity. For this you have earned my respect and that of so many young persons across the world who understand the value of mental capacity and the power of creative thought.
My first thought however is to kindly ask that we co-author a book *titled “Intellectual money”* even if not now, I’m confident it will happen in the nearest future. For it will be an opportunity to pass the wealth of knowledge on the “philosophy of creative thinking” to the next generation. It is not just necessary to do that, but I think we are indebted to them since Nature has blessed us with what it takes to redirect our generation towards intellectual prosperity.

My key intent of writing you this letter is quite simple. The past seven years of my life have been invested in personal research on how to curb very pertinent issues that are hindering growth in the society, and this desire to see a better future has led to passionately raising young leaders and mentoring them through the organization I founded and funded – Global Youth Leadership Network. Your excellency, permit me to draw your attention to the need for quality education. Our dear state is blessed with the best brains and you have invested heavily in infrastructural development and in the educational sector across the eighteen Local Government Areas of the state. Such huge investment which you have made needs to be sustained as many students are yet to value such marvelous things you have done for them. To realise this, mentorship is key. What if we pay more attention investing in building the mental capacity of our younger generation. It will well be a game changer.

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Before you assumed power as the Executive Governor of our digital state, the state was ranked far below 10th position in rate of passing WAEC. Yes, your effort has brought increased performance recently, but we are still far below where we should be. Here is what I believe can be of help!
I have researched and discovered three massive blunders that make students fail both in academics and life generally. This blunders usually cannot be corrected within the four walls of the class room except by an external inspired blend of thought and experience. We have seen investment in structure by the government, amazing effort to curb examination malpractices and programs to improve teachers capacity. What about the death of reading culture, the gradual decline of interest by the student to academic pursuit, the place of strong desire for mental capacity development and the transgenerational impact of helping young persons discover their uniqueness and leadership capacity early in life?

Your Excellency Sir, I have just released a book which is a product of seven years research and experience. This book is concise and written with very simple English Language which makes it simple for young students to understand. My underlining motivation behind this mental revolution masterpiece is to help breed a new generation of excellent students who are passionate about proffering solution to problems in the society instead of being the problem themselves, rebuild the backbone of true education (reading culture) amongst our young people, spark a passion amongst young people for mental capacity development, and finally improve the rate of academic excellence.

My aim is to place a copy of this book in the hands of every student of SS1-3 in our dear state. The effect of this will be, if the student are diligently monitored to study this short impactful material by their teacher and my team of volunteers, that Cross River State secondary schools students will record unprecedented achievement in WAEC and other external examinations within the next three years. I have put up a team of passionate young graduates to push this vision on a platform known as “Quality Education Ambassadors”. Your excellency this is not a mere claim, it is achievable. But only with your support.

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You may want to know the motivation that spurred this project. My name is Odey O. Ariel popularly known as Ariel Greatness. I hail from Yala Local Government Area. As a Success Life Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, I have interacted with people within and outside the country and have discovered that my people (Cross Riverians) really need my help. I intentionally relocated to Calabar from Lagos in March 2018 to be that help. Education being the foundation of every productive society is the best place to get started. I know you agree with me on this.

Your excellency, I wish to request that with your deep sense of love which has put you up as a man not given to human materialism, to support the distribution of this mental revolution masterpiece entitled 3 MASSIVE BLUNDERS THAT MAKE STUDENTS FAIL, KNOW THEM, AVOID THEM. *20,000* copies will go a long way, to helping us achieve the result of putting Cross River State back in her place of academic excellence starting from the key mental developmental age bracket. Every copy will be specially branded to show its a gift of love from you sir.

I look forward to your support. I know you always have your people at heart and crave every opportunity to express that you really do love everyone.

Thank you.

God bless Cross River State.

Ariel Greatness

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