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SHOCKING!! Wife Pays Gang To Kill Husband, Luckily One Of The Assassins Is The Man’s Childhood Friend

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Wife Pays Gang To Kill Husband, Luckily The Gangstar Is The Man’s Childhood Friend


We live in a terrible world. These days, you have no idea who to trust. . Your best friend may be your worst enemy. This is the case of a man whose wife hired assassins to end his friend …

Drama in the village in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County as a woman was busted preparing the burial of her husband (both identities hidden for security reasons) who she thought was dead.

It all started after a disagreement between the couple who later decided to go separate ways though still legally married.
Things took a turn for the worse as the wife began becoming hostile to the husband through unending threatening calls which the man took for the normal bad blood between them.

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Little did he know the situation would escalate into what could just be described as a thriller movie as the wife decided to take matters into her hands and kill the husband, the end game allegedly being to take over the disputed property.
The woman, who had already waked out of her home and was living in a separate house in Kutus, resulted to hiring a gang of two with strict instructions on how they handle the matter.

According to the deal, they were to be offered Ksh200,000 upfront and a similar amount after doing away with the husband and any evidence of their deeds.
The two gangsters were given directions to the house of the man whose fate was already sealed in the woman’s mind, or so she thought.

In a narration by one of the hired gang members who came to confess later, on the fateful night, they were to knock on the husband’s door and shoot him dead the moment he opened, do away with the body and send evidence of completion of the job to the wife.

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As the plan would be, the two men arrived at the said doorstep and the leader knocked. Immediately the would-be victim opened, the second one raised his pistol to shoot but suddenly his colleague ordered him to abort mission.
In the awkwardness of the moment, the husband and one of the gangsters gave each other a hard look only to notice they knew each; they were childhood friends.

Shaking and frightened, the man sought to know what was happening. After welcoming them into the house, the gang of two narrated how the whole plan had been hatched by the wife, the amount they were to receive and how they would make confirmation of the kill.

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The husband agreed to top up the full payment of the job and play dead for them to take a photo of the ‘body’ and send it to the wife.


Wife Pays Gang To Kill Husband, Luckily The Gangstar Is The Man’s Childhood Friend

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