World Hypertension Day: Always Check and Control Your Blood Pressure – Betta Edu


…Why should you die unexpectedly or lose your kidneys too soon? Don’t take anything for granted in your life.

More than one billion individuals worldwide suffer with hypertension, which affects more than 30% of the adult population. It is the leading cause of cardiovascular illness, including heart disease and stroke, as well as chronic renal disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, and dementia.

The cost of hypertension is enormous. Over half of persons with hypertension are ignorant of their disease, placing them at risk of medical complications and mortality that may be avoided. For the effective diagnosis and management of hypertension, accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement is required. BP measurement is likely the most common operation in clinical medicine, and though it appears straightforward at first glance, current inadequate measurement has a negative impact on clinical management decisions in 20–45% of instances.

The ability of healthcare personnel to assess blood pressure and how to improve it are critical components of successful hypertension management. Individuals with hypertension must understand that in order to live longer and better lives, they must take their antihypertensive medicine on a daily basis. To keep track of your blood pressure and avoid a stroke or other issues, you must learn to monitor it everyday with your own BP equipment.

Too many untimely deaths in recent years, too many renal failures in young people, too many memory loss, speech loss, vision and hearing loss, “ghost slaps,” village people strokes, and so on. All of this can be avoided by frequently checking your blood pressure and adhering to your medication regimen.

Do you have a constant headache, neck pain, or are you constantly stressed? Do you get a dizzy spell? Is your heart pounding in your ears? Do you have any anxieties or concerns? Check your blood pressure… don’t take chances with your life!

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