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World War 3 : Why US cannot defeat Iran, by Gabriel Ogunjobi

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

A US-born prolific author and mobile pundit, Tomi Ahonen, has said it will be impossible for the United States to defeat Iran if the two nations engage in what is now predicted to be deadliest after World War 2 of 1942.

Ahonen, also a consultant, known to be critical of the President Donald Trump’s administration, said World War 3 will be as bloody as North Korea and elongating as that of Afghanistan, which the Americans will regret and may never win.

Trump tweets after US kills Iranian general His analysis came on the heels of the death of Iran’s most powerful military commander, General Qasem Soleimani. The US has claimed responsibility for his death during an air strike in Iraq.

Ordered by Trump, the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also said “severe revenge awaits the criminals” behind the Friday’s attack.

Ahonen, in his comments via Twitter, said Trump made the risky move to distract Americans from his impeachment.

“Trump is risking a war with Iran & #WWIII. Pompeo wants this war. Trump NEEDS a war to distract from his impeachment & ever worse details leaking. So there is a big push for war in Iran. This is a VERY VERY incredibly BIGLY bad idea.

“The obvious comparison with Iran is Iraq (they are neighbors) hoping it could be fast and ‘easy’. Some see parallels to Afghanistan (also neighbor of Iran) the longest war of USA. Others fear Iran could be another Vietnam. Or as bloody as the Korean War.”

In his elaborate analysis backed with histories, he said United States does not wield such war-like strength and experiences as Iran even with alliance from some external forces. He stated that Iran with a population near 90 million, fought a decade-long war led by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq of 600,000 soldiers to stalemate.

“The USA CANNOT DEFEAT an enemy like Iran, this strong, this big, this competent, this HEAVILY ARMED with ADVANCED weapon

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