Yahoo Boys, The Police and the Safety of our Boys in Warri!!!


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Precisely Wednesday 2nd October 2019, my son left the home to buy some items and use the opportunity visit his Alma-mater Demonstration High School (College of Education Warri) to collect his Testimonial.

Just close to the school adjacent to the NNPC Housing Complex, a Police Officer the keke he entered and requested to look into his phone. He gave the Police Officer the phone and after checking accused my son of deleting his bank alerts. My son told the Nigeria Police Officer he does not have a bank account. The Police refused to believe my son and requested my son should give him N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira). He told my boy to stop being greedy and he should share with them out of his Yahoo proceeds.

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My son maintained his stance! Guess what? He placed my son on handcuffs behind the backseat for not cooperating with them. My son requested to call his parents, but the Police Officer refused. Luckily, my wife after waiting for his return called his line. The police picked the call and my wife asked him to identify himself and why he was with my son’s phone. He later released my son without collecting a dime.

The next day I visited both Ugborikoko and Okumagba Avenue stations to express my disappointment but both claimed they are not responsible. I was made to understand by both DPOs that other units from SARS, IGP Special squad, etc patrol that axis also.

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1. The Police Officer is not interested in dealing with the Yahoo boys, but SOLELY on what they can make from them. it simply makes the Yahoo boys business sustainable and no end to this illegality.

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2. Why did the Police Officer refuse my son to call any of his parents? My son is not an adult. I fear for town Warri. We need to flush these thieves that called themselves Police.

3. I used to think they hairdo and dressing was their ploy of stopping youths in Keke. I was wrong!!! My son knows I can’t tolerate indecent dressing or hairdo.

4. Why embarrass innocent children by placing them on handcuff where there was no resistance? Just to intimate him. Do you know the psychology this can create on him against the Police and the larger society?

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I wonder why they have not stopped and search my son whenever we are together driving.

What can we do to avoid this happening to another boy-child? Why must you punish a class of 500 students because of few miscreants?

Our Police Force in Warri checkpoints are out not to stop the trend of Yahoo boys activities but to steal from them. It pained me that I could not track them, but I will send my experience to the IGP.

– Fred Otone Olomuro (Concerned Father)


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