Your pathetic attempt to evade the consequences of your diarrhoea inducing rant is laughable in the extreme. Only a half baked sorry excuse for a journalist like you would be demanding the details of an exercise that was conducted in public to the full glare of the press.

The criteria for allocation was publicly announced by me at the handover ceremony on the 29th of May. Only an ill motivated nuisance like you intent on the public display of your buffoonery would have missed that.

Trying to make light of your flippant gibberish will not serve any useful purpose, your blatant lies about me will still have to be substantiated in a court of law.You had better prepare a good defence for yourself because you risk loosing all the proceeds of your blackmail enterprise to me as damages. Your ancestors may have been exponents of empty threats but this grandmother as you refer to me doesn’t make empty threats, so be prepared to meet me in court.

How dare a runt like you draw me into your macabre circus of absurdity where your hallucinations take on the toga of reality. You may have wasted your youth concocting cheap blackmail scams but at your age i was carving a niche for myself as a business woman, politician, activist and philanthropist. For you to actually fantasize that you can put a stain on my integrity exposes your mentally challenged status.

The only true statement attributable to you in all of this is when you said ” …. the courtroom is not a firing sqaud”, hence my determination to bring you before one to provide proof of spurious allegations.

Like the two faced lout that you are, in one breath you say ” I have no intention of going to court with n old grandmother and in the next breath you boast ” Let’s meet in court”. The only way you can wriggle out of this foolish self induced avalanche is to make a public apology to me. I am putting you on notice now that only a contrite apology from you will stay my hand against bringing your sorry self before a court of law.

Dame, Senator (Princess) Florence Ita-Giwa OON

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