You Are The Only Beneficiary Of The Zoning Formula — Agba Jalingo Replies Ayade 


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You Are The Only Beneficiary Of The Zoning Formula — Agba Jalingo Replies Ayade





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Why Governor Ayade Owes Zoning A Return Ticket


If you are 35 years old, you would have been 13 years old in 1999.


If you are 30 years old, you would have been 8 years old in 1999.


If you are 28 years old, you would have been 6 years old in 1999.


If you are 25 years old, you would have been 3 years old in 1999.


And if you are 20 years old, you were not born when Donald Duke became governor of Cross River State in 1999.


Even in his second term election in 2003, those who are 35 years today, were not yet eligible to vote. Most of the things that these various age brackets say or throw around, about that period is simply, copy and paste. But one thing I think is that, the Duke years set the proper foundation for our take off as a State, as well as a fertile foundation for the daunting, all round challenges our State is confronting today.

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But Duke himself has told us clearly that his governorship wasn’t “zoned” to him. He said he did not submit himself to zoning when he ran. Candidates were still winning or losing elections based on their popularity and not based on the platter of zoning. Most of the reigning politicians today in their fifties and sixties, who still hold tight, were in their twenties and thirties. The influence of godfathers was still minimal.


The 25 member State House of Assembly, was divided between the ruling party at the time PDP, 12 members and opposition APP, 13 members with an APP Speaker of the House of Assembly. That was about the only Assembly that ever had the balls to call any governor in our State to account as democracy requires.


Since then, the only election that has been “zoned” in the real sense of that word, is the first term election of incumbent Governor Ayade, when all the five political parties that fielded candidates for the election decided to give their tickets to one part of the State. So you can see clearly why governor Ayade has a return ticket to repay zoning? He is the only beneficiary of the zoning formula. All other elections before and after his first term, were not zoned. They were competitive for all districts.

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Incidentally, all the three senatorial districts, either by design or by default, have produced a governor each, since 1999. The former two and incumbent, all lay claim to have ruled Cross River State meritoriously. But with all their claims to governing us well, either in or out of power, our State is still almost perpetually number three from the bottom in most development index in Nigeria, out of thirty six States.


So, dear millennials, what is missing is not which part of the State produces the next governor, but having a governor from any part of our State who can move us from that bottom three position, to at least the middle of the table, against all odds. And is not true that the person that will achieve this must come from “our district” before it can happen. Anyone still trumpeting “zoning” after all three senatorial districts have produced a governor is simply blackmailing the rest of the State to pander to cheap ethnic politics and should not be taken serious. That blackmail should stop now and let work begin.

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Let us now zone our governorship to anyone who can create wealth for the majority of people in our State. Even if that person is from Bamenda, or Arochukwu, as far as the person has lived long enough in Cross River to understand our challenges and has handy solutions to the challenges and also meet the requirements of naturalization, let that person become our next governor and move our State forward for the good of the majority.


Yours sincerely,

Citizen Agba Jalingo.


You Are The Only Beneficiary Of The Zoning Formula — Agba Jalingo Replies Ayade



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