Youths Urged To Emulate Bole Seller, Tina Ofem


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The State Chairman of Cross River Youth in Politics, Comrade Julius Obanghe Kijuo has congratulated miss Tina, a young entrepreneur from Cross River State on her recent award as Ambassador of Eco Bank in Calabar.

According to Kijuo, Tina got the award as a result of her consistent commitment in her roasting plantain business (Bole).

“Am so proud of you as you refused to be tagged “Lazy Nigeria youth” by abandoning your certificate as a University graduate who was not privileged to be employed. But you chose a part of selling Bole in the street of Calabar to earn a living, which today has propelled you to a state of relevance in the society”.

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When interviewed by Weetalknaija Daily, Julius said, “My advice to my fellow youth is to reconfigure our thinking on over dependence on white collar jobs”.

“But to venture into mini or large entrepreneur businesses. Today Miss Tina by being proud and consistent in her little business, she has employed other Youth, automatically she is an employer of labour now”, Kijuo concluded.

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